Announcement from the GM

Hello Players,

The Game Master staff (GMs) would like to put out a few reminders / notices as the new season approaches!

First to be brought up is Meta-Gaming. 

Meta-Gaming is defined as the use of out-of-game (OOG) knowledge to effect in-game (IG) events, the conscious spreading of false information OOG to affect IG events and / or for IG benefit. This includes, but is not limited to, coins, tagged items, the interactions of characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events, and / or the granting of titles or privileges for characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events. This includes OOG areas, during game time.

An example of this would be to ask a NPC the prince’s age after having read a thread on Facebook.

Secondly, Tags!

There is a box for used tags at the check-in shed in the parking lot. When you use a potion, scrolls, a weapon breaks, armor is used up, anything like that at all, the tag needs to be turned in. You can also give used tags to GMs. 

In order for your Character (PC) to use or carry any item requiring a tag, you must have both a physical representation (Phys Rep) and an item tag. If the Phys Rep is lost or taken, and there is no item tag to be found on you, then the item is still considered lost / stolen by a theif.

Read the previous paragraph again. ^ Carry your tags and phys reps.

Items that a PC or Non Player Character (NPC) could not physically carry cannot be stolen, such as a horse, etc. Armor worn by a PC cannot be stolen unless physically removed. Armor tags, excluding the amount currently worn, are considered lost if stolen.

If a tag is lost and there is no phys rep, the item is lost forever. If a PC still has their phys rep, but the tag is lost, they may get the tag back, depending on the circumstances. 

Next Up, playing your character and NPCing…

You may not play more than one character per event. Exceptions to this rule shall be put in writing and shall be approved by 2/3 of the KGSOM (GM1, PM1, or CBD1) before 5pm of the first day of an event.

If a player is issued a NPC tag, item, coin, garb, weapons, etc, it must be returned to the staff at the completion of the encounter. XP is not earned for NPCing / NPCs that are not approved by the GMs.

A Dedicated NPC (DNPC) must sign up at least one day before an event is scheduled to begin. You can email the applicable staff at the following: GM:, PM:, or CBD: Applicable staff must then grant their approval, and it is first come first serve / by need basis. Players must be available for no less than 20 hours (100 for weeklong) of the event they sign up for, to qualify. Players assigned as DNPC may only play their PC with applicable staff approval. 

NPC Troop is separate from DNPC. Troop allows a player to only NPC in exchange for the event fee being waived. There is no minimum time requirement, but a player cannot play their PC. Normal daily XP is not gained, but XP is still earned as normal (up to 10 XP per day for each day of the event). 

Questions may be posted and clarification will be provided by GSOM. Other replies will be deleted to avoid misinformation.