Winter Feast Fighter Tournament Information

Winter Feast Fighter Tournament Information

Hello fellow Kanar Winter Feast Attendees! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dan one of the PM staff members known in game as Squire Adriel D'Arrangard. This year, under the supervision of my knight, Milos who is known in game as Lord Sir Miloc Elderhart, I will be helping to organize the fighter tournament at Winter Feast. This post will detail everything you need to know if you wish to watch or participate in the tournament.

1. How do I get into the tournament? The deadline for signing up will be February 3rd by 1:00 pm. We will not take anymore participants after this time unless we have an odd number to start. In this case a last call for ONE more player will be made prior to the tournament starting. I strongly encourage you to sign up prior to February 3rd if possible. 

2. When will the tournament begin? We will start fighting AT 2:30 pm on the day of feast (February 3rd). From my experience trying to sign up everyone up to the minute prior to the start of tournament and have it run on time (before dinner and other announcements/festivities) is very difficult. Therefore, signing up before hand and a strict time frame is a must. I would like all participants to gather around 2:15 pm near the front door but you MUST be there by 2:30 pm

3. What are the rules? We will have 3 bouts per pair per round (1 pair fights 3 times. 2 out of 3 wins will win the round). We will follow kings rules. Kings rules will be fully explained during/prior to fighting but here are the basics. Hit in the arm? Lose use of that arm. Hit in the leg? Lose use of that leg. Hit in the torso? You lose that bout. HEAD SHOTS WILL NOT COUNT. The marshal(s) have final say over what strikes count and do not count

4. Can I win using honor points? No. There will be no honor points in this tournament. What are honor points? It doesn't really matter because we aren't using them. Essentially you get them for doing honorable things...matching your opponents weapons, choosing to lose an arm when you take one of theirs, etc. While I encourage some honor, such as using a similar weapon(s) to your opponent, it is not required. However, it makes it a little more interesting and fair to fight similar length weapons instead of one player using a dagger and another using a spear and other combinations like that. Again I want to stress you DO NOT have to fight with a weapon you don't like.

5. "I can't be there by 2:30 and ready to fight, can I still fight?" No. Sorry, we have a timeline to keep this year and you won't fight if you are not there by 2:30.

6. How will opponents be paired up? Pairs will be picked at random. Each name will be called twice and only twice waiting only a minute or two between calls. If the player does not show up they forfeit and are out of the tournament. 

7. Will weapons be provided? No. Bring your OWN weapons or borrow some from a friend. Weapons WILL NOT be provided for this tournament. Weapons MUST be Kanar safe/legal to be used and WILL be checked prior to a bout beginning. Any weapons that do not pass the safety inspection will not be allowed to be used and the player is responsible for finding his/her own replacement weapon. 

8. Where will we be fighting? The tournament will be held OUTSIDE so please dress appropriately. You may wait inside while each bout is taking place but all fighting will occur outside of the building regardless of weather.

9. What if a round has an odd number of players? For a round with an odd number of players (the only exception being a final round) a name will be selected at random to get a by for that round. If there is 3 players in the final round they will fight in a round robin style fight where everyone fights everyone. The player with the least wins will be eliminated and the final two will face off for the title of tournament champion.

10. What about game mechanics? Game mechanics are off for the tournament so there will be no damage called, spells cast, items used, etc. This is simply a kings rules fighter tournament. 

11. How do I know if I hit the other player? Players will be expected to call their own hits against themselves. In the event that a player(s) do not appear to be taking hits appropriately, the marshal(s) reserve the right to call a hit for a player. Furthermore, the marshal(s) reserve the right to disqualify/remove ANY participant(s) that they feel are cheating, not taking hits, not following the rules, showing poor sportsmanship, etc. THE MARSHAL(S) RULINGS ARE FINAL. 

12. Will there be a price to enter/is there a price for winning? Yes and yes. The entry fee will be 5 silver per combatant. I encourage sponsorship as well. If you can't afford it and wish to seek a sponsor to pay for your entry fee go for it! if you want to sponsor someone to fight in the tourney, go for it!. 3 silver will go into a pot that the victor will take home. The remaining 2 silver will go to the crown to fund things such as town guard. (There may be other prizes thrown in for the winner depending on donations from vendors/other players/characters but at the very least there will be a prize of silver from the entry fees that will be announced prior to the start of the tourney)

If you want to sign up respond to the post on the Facebook event in the "sign up here" comment with your Mundane name (real life name) and your character's name or find Dan Weiler at the venue BEFORE 1:00 PM on February 3rd. If you have questions about the tournament please contact Dan.