Recreational/Medical Marijuana Use

Hello and good morning everyone,

Your KGE Corporate Secretary is here to clear some things up about KGE's currently standing policies regarding the use of recreational marijuana in regards to Knights, and Nobles, and Rogues (KANAR) and other LARP games and groups that make use of the KGE lands for their games.

At current, the Safety Staff has decided to use our currently existing policy of "8 Hours, Bottle to Blade (8HB2B)" as a base policy for handling how members should conduct themselves in regards to the use of recreational marijuana. This means that from the moment of the last method of intake you must wait eight hours before picking up a weapon and engaging in combat. This will be our policy regarding the use of marijuana until a policy change is presented to the Board of Directors and approved at a meeting.

Furthermore, the use of marijuana on the field of play is prohibited during KGE sanctioned events. This includes KANAR and any other games which may rent the grounds for their endeavors. We have a number of members who have voiced concerns over this issue, as many of whom have allergies that respond to the inhalation or contact of marijuana smoke.

If the use of marijuana is medically necessary, we ask that you, please do so in your vehicle and at least fifty (50) feet from the front staffing area. If you are prescribed marijuana for medical purposes, please do not share your prescribed medication with others. The sharing/distribution of prescription medications is strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of all involved parties from the field.

The policies regarding the use of tobacco products remain unchanged. Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco smoking are limited to the direct area around a Building and Land approved fire pit, and the waste produced must be disposed of properly.

These policies are subject to change at the Board of Director’s discretion. If you would like to submit a policy change, please send your proposals to or at least seven days prior to the next board of directors meeting.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 13th, 2019. Agenda submissions are due seven days prior on Sunday, January 6th, 2019.

Thank you and have a good day,

Jacob Smith
Corporate Secretary

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash