A note from the new Playmaster

Good afternoon,

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Leigh Weiler, my character is known on field as Lady Arra. I have been playing kanar for over a decade and have recently been elected by the BOD to be your Play Master 1st. I look forward to working more with our community in this capacity. I would like to give a couple friendly reminders prior to the event in my first “Wall of text” post.

First, please remember that every character needs to have weapons checked with a member of the play master staff every event. We have had people forget a few times in the past. Any PM staff member, CBD 1 (Amanda Aquino) or GM 1 (Tim Schafer) is able to approve weapons for use on field. No one should be checking their own weapons regardless of what position they hold. 

Second, I should introduce you to the 2018 Kanar play master field staff Listed in no particular order, they are: Eric Hitt (Otis), Danny Weiler (Squire Adriel), Jen Blair (Countess Kali), Nick Aquino (Elben), and Matt Ash (Durgan). This is a great group of people capable of answering the vast majority of questions related to our rules; if they arent able to come up with an answer individually, we as a staff will come up with something together. 

Third, please be patient with us. We are undertaking a very large project of sprucing up our rulebook while also tweaking our educational tools. This does take time. We are diligently working to complete these projects and are happy to tell you of our progress.

Almost lastly, if you are a caster and plan on casting spells at an event, please fill one out (or make one of your own) for every class of magic you have. A box will be provided for players to submit completed spell lists. A player must either submit the spell sheet to the box or keep one on them at all times for inspection by a marshal if asked. However, it is recommended to do both for ease and swiftness of processing marshals questions if they arise. Having one on your person will decrease time necessary to complete on the spot questions, if they arise, and having one in the box will decrease the amount of time interrupted your game play time. 

Please follow this link to the download section on our webpage. It will provide you with the pre-made cleric, mage, and bardic spell lists. Please feel free to make your own if you so wish.

Lastly, if you have any questions for us please forward them to the PM1@kanar.org email and either myself or a staff member will return your email. If any clarification is needed, we will post clarifications on here and request they are also posted on the website.

I look forward to a great year and hope we can be of help to you. See you all in just over a week.