A Letter from the Secretary


Your Corporate Secretary is here with a few announcements and reminders now that the March event is over. First, do not forget to Sign-out. You only have eight (8) days after the end of the event to turn it in, and doing so is how your character grows and lives between adventures in Illveresh. Also, submit your Annual Registration form if you have not done so already. Not turning in your ARF will prevent you from getting a return on your sign-out. If you were a new player, or brought a new player along with you this month, make sure they fill out this good, good form.

Finally, the next Board of Directors meeting is on the horizon. The next meeting is on Sunday, April 8th @ 1PM. If you would like any proposals to make it onto the meeting's agenda, those will need to be submitted on or before Sunday, April 1st. Late submissions may still be accepted, otherwise they will be pushed back to the following meeting.

In summary, the following is a time-line of deadlines and events:

  • Sunday, April 1st - Proposals and Agenda submissions deadline Tuesday,
  • April 3rd - Sign-out deadline Sunday,
  • April 8th - April Board of Directors Meeting Friday,
  • April 27th - Sunday,
  • April 29th - April Kanar Event

Thank you and happy questing,

Jacob Smith, Corporate Secretary