From the GM & Economics Marshal

Game Master

Please remember to fill out a KGE Inc. Annual Registration Form (ARF) on line for the 2018 season.  It is important that you include your legal First Name, Last Name & Middle Initial as we use this to identify your personal character files. The ARF is also used by KGE Inc. to provide us with the insurance coverage for the group.  To those caught in non-compliance with this rule, you will be asked to leave the field and may suffer disciplinary actions as this violation may hold the club liable.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who submitted a resume to the GM 1st for the position of Econ 1st.  After consideration I have chosen Jeremiah Klabis to be the new Econ 1st.  Jeremiah has been performing the task as part of the previous Econ staff and is well suited to take the position over with the minimal amount of transitional period stoppages.  I would also like to thank Kevin Reading and Joe Brescol for stepping up while we were in transition and assisting the staff to maintain the level of service to our customers. In addition we have added Ferd Blackburn to the Econ staff and are still seeking others to help with the position. If interested, please seek out Jeremiah and talk to him. We on the GM staff and its subordinate staff find that face to face conversations yield the best results as communication is key to the success of Kanar.

Thank you,
Tim Schafer - GM 1st

Economics & GM

Economics Marshal

Reminder that players may make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to their Player Bank every event. Eligible players may also make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to a Group or Unit Fund every event.

A friendly reminder from your economic staff. Please check your tag expiration dates regularly. After a tag is expired please turn it in. Using expired tags on the field is cheating. A note on Legacy tags. A legacy tag is a consumable tag that does not have an expiration date. These tags will be honored until they are used. After used they need to be turned in and they will be taken out of circulation.