KGE BLD Announcement: Building Materials

KGE Building and Land Department Announcement

Members of the KGE community,

The Building and Land Department is happy to provide an area on KGE’s property for in game organizations to store their unused building materials. Since the creation of this area the amount of building materials in our area of play has drastically decreased providing a more decorum aesthetic that adds to our role-playing and story. We thank the community for working with us to improve the safety and look of our lands.

As we close out on the 2018 season the BLD staff has noticed that many of the building materials that are being stored have been the same materials that were first transported when we created the storage area. While we are happy that these materials are no longer on field, this area was never created as a permanent storage area.

The BLD department is asking all land caretakers to meet with us before the end of the November 2018 event to assess the building materials that are being stored under your supervision. We wish to know what the plan for said materials are, a timeline for material use, and if the materials are still usable. Much of the materials have started to rot due to being exposed to the elements.

If an organization does not meet with the BLD department by the end of the November 2018 event then the BLD staff will consider the reserved building materials abandoned and they will be disposed of. We will also work with the BOD to schedule an additional dumpster pick up if a large amount of building materials need to be disposed of.


The current list of stored building materials is as follows:

  • Tuth

    • 2x2’s and Rubbermaid container with tarps

  • Fort Morinar

    • 42 pallets, landscaping timbers, 4 x 4’s, carpeting, and gardening supplies

  • Building and Land Department

    • 4 x6’s, 4 x 8‘s, and plywood

  • Vanari

    • 2x4’s and 2x6’s, futon frame, and pallets

  • Silverleaf

    • Fence sections, long 4x4‘s, and 2x4’s

  • Craig

    • One section of wall made by pallets and concrete footings

  • House Mallard

    • Fireplace bricks

  • Unknown

    • Pellets and disassembled pellet timbers

  • Unknown

    • Pellets and tarp covering concrete footings

  • Chaos

    • Pallets and plastic shelves

If players have any questions they should reach out to the BLD staff via Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

- The BLD Staff

Photo by Malaya Sadler on Unsplash