KGE BLD Announcement: Caretakers

KGE Building and Land Department Announcement

KGE site Caretakers,

The Building and Land Department would like to thank you for volunteering your valuable time to help maintain the lands that we all enjoy. The BLD staff appreciates the volunteer hours that have gone into maintain our structures and the creation of some new ones this season. As we get ready to close out the 2018 season the BLD staff would like to walk all sites that have been issued a caretaker with the person who holds that position before the end of the November 2018 event.

The current list of assigned caretakers is as follows –

  • Aeracon’s Keep: Tim Schafer

  • Silverleaf: Jake Smith

  • Bein Amar: Eric Thornburgh

  • Claddagh: Jennifer Blair

  • Drunken Duck: Amanda Aquino

  • G’nip’s Shacks: Fred Sher

  • Grove: Allison Fogle

  • Hawkstone Keep: Kaitlin Bereczky

  • Mahala Nar: Robert Hubbard

  • Mallard Camp: Marcus Schwimmer

  • Nothrim: Steve Jones

  • Silvermaple Inn: Wilm Pierson

  • Tribe Land: Russ Fox

  • Everything else: BLDept

If you see something wrong with this list please inform the BLD staff so that we can reach out to the appropriate parties. The BLD staff is also going to get all caretakers to fill out a new caretaker form at these walkthroughs. If any organizations wish to change the caretaker that represents them the BLD staff would like to have that process completed before the end of the November 2018 event.

If a caretaker does not schedule a walk through with the BLD staff before the end of the November 2018 event then this letter will serve as a three month warning which starts the process of reassigning an area of KGE land to a new party or back to the BLD staff. This process is documented in KGE-POL-007.

This season we have seen a large decrease in the use of our already built structures. One of the main goals for the BLD staff, going into the 2019 season, is to work with the player base to find ways to have these areas used more regularly and by more of the player base. We look forward to hearing from all of the caretakers. Please schedule your walkthrough by sending an email to

The BLD Staff

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash