New Rules Clarification Form

In order to provide our players with the most accurate information possible, we have created a new form that they can use to submit questions regarding our Rulebook. Questions which do not have a clearly defined answer in the rulebook text should be submitted via this form, NOT discussed on the Facebook group or with non Playmaster staff members.

If a player asks a question and you cannot quote them the specific passage of rules text that directly answers it, please do not provide them with answers using the caveats, "This is how it worked for me" or "This is how it functioned in the past." In these cases, the Playmaster staff needs to answer the question so that 1) the player can receive an official, correct answer, and 2) we can be aware that players are having difficulty locating or understanding the rules text, so we can clarify it in the book if needed.

Questions submitted via this form may not be answered immediately (we all have day jobs and families), but it is a better alternative than a player being disappointed down the road due to outdated or mis-remembered information. We apologize for any appearance of bureaucracy, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to update and improve our processes, and you're all beautiful people who I look forward to feeding candy.