2019 Rulebook Changes

This past Board of Directors meeting, several updates to the Kanar Rulebook were approved. Below you can find the new rulebook as well as two videos explaining the changes and how this will affect players. The Playmaster staff will be meeting with the newly elected Character Book Marshal soon to discuss how to handle character updates and the issuing of new character sheets which align with the recent revisions. Once those processes are set, they will issue a third video with information about what the players can expect from that process.

This is a rough overview of rulebook changes proposed to the Kanar Board of Directors in January 2019.
Information about point cost changes to the rulebook being proposed to the Board of Directors in January 2019, and why they are being made.
This video describes the process our CBM staff will be using to issue new character sheets following recent rulebook changes, as well as options players have in response to the changes.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash