New Rulebook Clarifications

We’ve had a great reaction to the new rulebook with several clarifications. We don’t want you to have to read several pages of clarifications on top of the new rulebook so we’ve created an updated version of the rulebook with all clarifications added into it.

Video Transcript

Hi folks back again with another video update for you the last couple of video updates that we issued went really well they were really well accepted people seem to enjoy them better than just a wallet text on the Facebook group so what we're gonna do going forward is whenever we have something to communicate to you that's more than just a simple quick statement that involves a little bit more in-depth communication we're going to try to do one of these video updates for you the reason that we're doing this one in particular is threefold first we really wanted to thank you we recently had a Q&A; thread on our Facebook group and because we knew that you were gonna have a lot of questions about the new rule book and about the character updates new character sheets and so forth so we wanted to give you a place to do that and it went wonderfully guys we really appreciate the the civil tone that you brought to that we had very little anger very little insulting there was no you know none of the usual internet trolling and we really appreciate that what we ended up with instead is just some wonderful clarifications some answers some places that you came to us and said hey I'm not sure this made sense or I'm not sure this is working the way that you thought it was and because of that we were able to post those clarifications to our play master clarification log which is available both it's linked to both from our website which is kinda hard at Club as well as the Facebook group so all of those answers you can see in one place just by visiting that it's a really good bunch of information but we want to go one step further with that we don't want you to have to go read an entire rule book and then read several pages of clarifications that were issued we want you to have all the information in one place so that's what we're doing this week before the March event we are going to be issuing a new copy of the rule book to the connect club website that includes all of those clarifications so any place that you know the text wasn't clear it's been clarified and all that information is included right in the rule book for you so we really hope that that's helpful we're sorry we're seeing a new copy you know so quickly but it's kind of to be expected that when large changes are made that we need to follow up on a little bit um the most obvious place that we're following up on that is kind of the third point for this video there is one clarification that's being made that's really more of a rules change and we wanted to give you as much information about that as possible we had a couple people asked both on the Q&A; thread and through our play master forum about how three particular skills interacted and that is shield which is the individual weapon skill shield group which is a weapons group that includes buckler and shield and then the shield bash skill which with this new addition of the rules we made shield bash a general skill to try to make it more clear and more understandable how that skill in particular worked how it interacted with the individual weapon skill and with the group and it didn't work it did not make it more clear what we found in during the course of answering those questions for people is that there was a lot of confusion about it still about how it worked and how it was supposed to work and even some of our staff members didn't fully understand how the skill worked to one degree or another so we were faced with the choice we can either one issue a really long clarification saying hey this is how this is supposed to work and you know next time we make a big rules change update it'll be part of this or the other option that we have is that we could just change this one rule we can make this one change to the rules to make it easier to understand and clear for everyone that's what we decided to do is that second option we talked to the board of directors and got approval for it and what we're going to be doing is removing the shield bash skill I say we're moving but not really getting rid of it it's going to be rolled into the shield skill so if you have the ability to use a shield either from an individual weapon skill or from the weapon group when this goes into effect you are going to automatically be able to make that attack with it that you would normally have to have the shield batch skill ever to do so one thing that I should mention is that technically according to our bylaws any rulebook changes whether that's for clarifications whether that's for a major rules change or anything like that it has to be provided to you for one month prior to a taking effect we will be posting this new rule book before the March event here but what that means is that this change doesn't technically go into effect until the April event when your character sheet is updated between the March and April event you'll see that if you had the shield bash skill previously it's going to be removed from your sheet now there's a couple of different ways that this can work for you depending on your circumstance if you previously did not have or if you previously had the shield skill or the shield group skill nothing's going to change in your character sheet what you do get is you now have the added bonus ability of making that shield bash attack with your shield if you choose to so you don't lose anything you just get a new ability if you previously had both shield bash and either shield or shield group shield bash is gonna be removed see they actually get a bunch of points back which is great you retain all of your ability to make a bashing attack with that weapon and you get points back so bonus for you if you had the isolated strange situation where for some reason you had shield bash the skill but you did not have either shield or shield group what we're going to do is if possible we are going to when shield bash is going is removed we're going to replace it with the individual shield skill so you won't have to train additionally for it just instead of shield bash you will have shield so for mages warriors and rogues this is going to mean that there's absolutely no difference to your point cost it's just that shield the skill shield will be on your sheet instead of shield bash the one group of players that this could work differently for in specific and it's a highly specific group is if you are a cleric that has shield bash currently but not shield or shield group either CBM will be getting in contact with you or contact them directly and it's only for that very small I'm not actually even sure that anyone playing the last couple of years has that particular situation but if you are a part of it let us know and we will work out a fix that works for both you and us but for the vast majority of people what this means is the either getting points back or you're getting an additional ability that you didn't have before yeah so that's what we have for this update that book should be posted as soon as possible it's going to be visible visibly different from the previous one because of the first page instead of saying revised January 2019 it's going to say revised March 2019 if you have any questions at all please feel free to email us play master staff at p.m. one at canard org or just submit something through the the play master form which is an even quicker way of communicating to us we check that even more quickly thanks for listening really appreciate your patience and have a great time this weekend.

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash