April Event Announcements

BLD Announcement

April 2019 The building and land department has issued a safety notice. Until significant repairs are made, house chaos, the fort, the treehouse and the roof of the ordu gate are off-limits for safety reasons. With the removal of the caretaker system, the building and the land staff are hard at work to restore these areas to functionality. And improved caretaker system is being discussed between the building and land department and the board of directors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PM Announcement

Hello players! PM Secretary here with a couple things of note:

  1. We're continuing to get people who've put clarification questions in the "PM feedback" portion of their signout form. That is not the ideal place to ask clarification questions, that part of the signout is asking for your feedback on the PM department's performance during the event. If you use the PM Form (conveniently linked below), you'll get your answer much more quickly, and it'll help us keep a record of what you asked. We really encourage you to use it.

  2. We've had multiple requests for a Word/Docs reformattable copy of the Rulebook, rather than the PDF format usually provided. Our understanding is that this is used to put it into hardbound covers and other creative, field-friendly presentations. We're happy to do so (I personally made a field-friendly "binder" for my copy), but we'd like to add a "user beware" to anyone planning something similar. Prior to recent changes, the Rulebook went without anything other than formatting updates for quite a long time. It's going to be different going forward - we just issued a new copy of the book containing recent clarifications, and more of them are already starting to line up. The RBC will continue to evaluate suggestions as they're submitted, and that might result in changes as well. We don't intend to make any in the near future which are nearly as major as the ones issued over the winter, but we want you to be aware that the Rulebook is a living document; continued improvement of our game will logically result in gradual evolution of our rules. If you commission someone to bind you a fancy expensive copy of the book, and a new one is issued a month later, we're not going to be held responsible. 

  3. Racial requirements are just that - requirements. If you're an Elf and you choose to wear a hat, you still have to wear eartips under it. If you're a Halfling and you choose to wear gauntlets, you still have to have fur on underneath them. These requirements have been in effect for a full event now, and staff will be warning and/or removing players from field who are not meeting them. We appreciate your understanding in this.

Also following up on a couple of questions from the event, your PM staff would like to touch on two points regarding the Bardic version of Word of Protection. 

  1. If you choose to move through an area affected by something like Word of Protection, you MUST announce the method you're using to move through it. For example, let's say Player One is maintaining a Word of Protection (Level 8). Player Two may choose to come within 10' of Player One by announcing something like "Level 9" (if they are that level) or "Resist Charm" (if they have that skill). 

    If you are using this or another spell with a duration of "Song", we HIGHLY recommend that you periodically re-announce the name of the spell and any pertinent information during the song. Otherwise, players and NPCs who were not within earshot when it was first announced will have no way to know the objective of the spell-song you're casting.

Thanks for reading! See you at the event!

Matt Ash, PM Staff


Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash