May & June Announcements


The first Saturday of the weeklong we will be having a Larp Sale in the Parking lot. From 12 to 6 feel free to set up in your parking space. We ask if you are selling to try to be near the front so to not interfere with traffic. Thanks!

From the BLD

We have a much higher rate of poison ivy growth this year than in years past. If you are going to be running off trail make sure you have full length pants and boots on. NPC Land is extra full of the stuff.

Yes - the bugs are bad. Bring lots of spray and don’t count on others providing it. Everyone is responsible for their own bug spray.

We have a good amount of water on he field with more rain on the way. Wet socks will kill an event. Pack extra socks and then pack some more.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the week long event.

From The Treasurer

As Weeklong comes closer, just a quick reminder, our 10 day event is $40.00 for the event fee. That gives access to the full ten days as well as the experience that comes with it!

David Angell,

From Econ

Reminder that all players have until the end of the June 2019 weeklong event to pick up any tags dated before 2019. Backlogged tags have piled up. If you feel that you have tags to be picked up that are from 2018 or earlier, and know you will not make it to the event, you may send an email to from your KGE registered email with your full legal name (as written on your ARF) and the full legal name of one person you will allow to pick your tags up for you. This request needs to be put in prior to June 10, 2019.

Thank you,
Economics staff

From Feast Coordinator

As feast coordinator for Kanar 2020, I will be setting the bar at Cobblestone Farms for the location and the new caterer (What's Cooking in Ann Arbor) we used last year (2019). If anyone would like to challenge these 2 things, please message me so I can work with you to investigate any suggested options and report it to the BoD for consideration.

Game Master 1st
Tim Schafer

From Adopt-A-Road

Good morning everyone! Due to reasons I can't schedule a May litter pickup for adopt a road (still looking for someone to help with that). However, if you take before and after pictures and fill at least one garbage bag cleaning up part the area from the field north to Allison road and email said pictures to, I will make sure you get some points. Please dispose of the bag in our dumpster, and these pictures should be submitted or timestampped before May 31st.

Thank you.
Chamomile Rae Short

From the CBM

Any Staff Time Between Events Now Eligible to Count Toward 200 Extra XP

The BoD approved of a proposal at the April meeting to allow staff time for any staff between events to count toward the 200 bonus XP that is available to be earned each season. Previously, the 200 Extra XP could only be earned through donating time or money to QM, BLD, or Adopt-a-Road. Any work done for the GM, PM, CBM, BLD, QM, Safety, and Adopt-a-Road, is now eligible to count toward the 200 Extra XP, with the following conditions:

  1. The maximum amount of XP that any player can earn each season is 200 XP. This is counted by player, NOT by character (so you cannot earn 200 for your primary PC and an additional 200 for your secondary PC).

  2. You can earn a maximum of 100 XP per staff group. That is, in order to max out the 200 XP, you must volunteer for/donate to at least two staff groups.

  3. In order to submit staff time to receive XP, you MUST fill out the “Between Events Staff XP” Google Form. 

    • Multiple form submissions may be required if you did work for more than one staff group between events.

    • This form is very similar to the Between Event Signout Form and your claimed time must be submitted through this form for approval

  4. XP is earned at the same rate as NPC XP – 1 XP per half hour of work. Make sure to document your hours accurately. Some staff groups may have lists of certain tasks that they plan to award a certain amount of XP for based on the average amount of time it takes to complete a task or importance of the task. (For example: The QM staff might state that they will award 1 XP per nametag sewn onto NPC clothing, or the GM staff might say players may earn 2 points per module submission that is approved, etc.)

  5. All Google Form submissions will be sent to the 1stof the staff who you are submitting time toward (that is, if you submit between event work for the GM staff, select GM on the form and the email will go to the GM staff).

    • The 1sts will then have authority to approve or deny your submission. If they deny your submission, they will contact you by email to let you know why your submission was denied.

  6. At the end of each submission period, the 1sts will need to finish reviewing all submissions received for the month and add any XP earned to the CBM’s between event XP tracking file.

  7. The CBM will then add any bonus XP from the previous month to character sheets at the time they do character updates.

  8. Please note that this policy will take effect the day after the May event, May 20th, and the earning period for this season will run until Feast 2020. After Feast 2020, a new season will begin and you can earn 200 XP again.

  9. Late form submissions will be accepted until the end of the season. No bonus XP submissions will be accepted for the season if submitted more than 8 days after Feast.

  10. The earning/submission periods for the rest of this year can be found in the table below. These dates follow the same pattern as regular signout submissions and updates:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 1.55.11 PM.png

Turning on Notifications on Your Character Sheet

If you would like to receive an email anytime a change has been made to your character sheet, please do the following (NOTE: THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU ARE SIGNED IN TO GOOGLE/HAVE A GMAIL ADDRESS):

  1. Open your character sheet in Google Sheets.

  2. At the top, click Tools > Notification rules.

  3. In the window that appears, select "Any changes are made”. 

  4. In the window that appears, select "Email – right away".

  5. Click Done.

Even though the CBM staff no longer emails out updated character sheets each month, this will allow you to know when your sheet has been updated so you can go view it.

Staff Time During Scheduled Events Now Counts Toward NPC XP

The BoD approved of a proposal at the April meeting to allow scheduled staff time to count toward NPC time. Any scheduled hours spent staffing during scheduled events now count toward your NPC hours for the event. The maximum amount of NPC time that can be earned for any given event is still 12 XP (or 60 XP for weeklong), and is earned at the same rate for NPCing or staffing – 1 XP per half hour.

Please make sure to describe any staff time on your signout, under the “What NPCs did you play?” question. Include how many hours you spent working for each staff, as the CBM will be validating this information with all of the 1sts before awarding XP. Combine your staff hours and NPC hours and list that number under the “How many hours (total) did you spend NPCing?” question. For any further questions about this policy, please contact the CBM Staff.

Limit to Number of Skills that Can be Taught Each Event

The GSOM has updated their policies regarding teaching skills during event. The maximum number of different skills any character may teach during a scheduled event is 4. This means that you may teach 4 distinct skills to other characters; you may still teach multiple characters a single skill as a group and it will only count as one skill taught toward your limit. 

As a reminder: The number of hours it takes to teach a skill to another character is equivalent to the cost of the skill divided by 10. So, if you are teaching a 30 point skill (based on the class of the STUDENT(S)), that means that it takes a MINIMUM of 3 hours to teach the skill. If you are teaching an expensive skill that costs 450 points, for example, it will take you a minimum of 45 hours to teach the skill (which will obviously take more than one event). 

Please only list skills that you have taught/learned on your signout once you have finished the lesson. The CBM staff does not track the total hours you taught/learned skills – this remains on the honor system. The CBM staff only needs to know once you have completed a lesson so that they are able to update character sheets with the learned skills.