Photography & Videography Policy

KGE wants to promote a way in which players and non-players alike can capture pivotal moments in our games. We want to also make sure that those that wish to not be photographed are given ample time to be aware of those taking pictures and video so that they make take the necessary steps to avoid said person. KGE will take these steps to handle photography:

  1. People that do not wish to be photographed must have an up to date media exclusion list form with the media team. This form shall include a photograph of them. This photograph will help aid those taking pictures of who is on the list.

  2. At least 7 days before an event, the person wishing to do photography on field will email the media team with the following:

    1. The dates they wish to photograph

    2. Approximate locations they wish to photograph

    3. Approximate times they wish to photograph

    4. A picture of themselves to aid those on the media exclusion list.

  3. After this email is received, media team will send an email to the media exclusion list. They may also post that photography will be happening on other social media outlets.

  4. During the event, the photographer will attempt to abide by the media exclusion list, but it is up to players to attempt to remove themselves from the photos. 

  5. After the event, media team can offer to work with the various photographers to help see if anyone on the media exclusion list was accidentally in a picture.

  6. Photographers should remember that with all pictures taken, a copy is given to KGE to be used as they see fit.

This process is not exclusionary to photography and includes videography as well.