IG: Laws of the Land

Laws of the Land

Kingdom Laws

  1. Treason against the Crown of Novashan is outlawed.
  2. No blade may be drawn in the Royal family's presence unless it is for the protection of the Royal family.
  3. No member of the Royal family may swear allegiance with any household other than their own.
  4. All members of the Royal family swear fealty to the Throne.
  5. Only those of Noble blood, title, or rank, Knights, or by writ of the King will be allowed to own and operate a war horse. The definition of a war horse will be as follows: the display of heraldic devices upon the horse’s gear.
  6. Shae D’narr (Dark Elves) are to be considered evil at heart and irredeemable. Any caught dealing with this race are to bepunished. Any Shae D'narr (Dark Elves) that are found within the kingdom shall be immediately seized.
  7. Slavery is abolished within the Kingdom of Novashan. All current slaves are to be set free. The punishment of slavery is also abolished.
  8. Only a Knight of Novashan or a male member of the Royal family of Novashan may Knight an individual withinNovashan. The King of Novashan must first recognize all Knighthoods recognized within the Kingdom of Novashan. 
  9. Mercenary bands or troops are against the King’s law. All guilds must be recognized and sanctioned by the crown of Novashan.
  10. The practice of Necromancy, the raising of the undead, is outlawed.

Baronial Laws

  1. Insurgence or inciting a rebellion is outlawed.
  2. Murder is outlawed.
  3. Thievery is outlawed.
  4. Repeat offenders may be subject to maiming. Anyone caught confiscating goods in the name of justice and not immediately turning said goods over to the proper authorities shall be considered stealing. Anyone taking noble resources and using them for any reason other than one sanctioned by the nobility shall be considered stealing.
  5. Forgery of any official document is outlawed. This includes but is not limited to tax, guild and treasury writs, as well as writs of official status. Impersonating any noble, official or representative of a guild is outlawed.
  6. Any payment to or alliance with Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Giants, Dark Elves, Driders, Etc... without the expressed permission of the Peerage will be considered a treasonous act towards the Kingdom, and is therefore outlawed.
  7. Interfering or obstructing with the Town Guards duties is outlawed. No blade may be drawn in town unless it is for the protection of the town. Unauthorized combat within town gates is outlawed.
  8. Unauthorized gambling is outlawed. Gambling requires a permit.
  9. Failure to pay taxes is outlawed. Inability to provide proof of taxes paid will incur a fine.
  10. Desecration of property is outlawed.
  11. Public drunkenness is outlawed. Strange and mundane items are outlawed.
  12. Unauthorized fire pits are outlawed.
  13. Anyone found breaking the laws of the Barony may have their items confiscated as punishment for their crimes. All confiscated items are to be presented to the Baronial Chamberlain and inventoried. If the Baroness is available, all enforcers of Her Laws shall present any transgressor before her for punishment to be enacted. Casters who use their magics in ways that break these laws may be subject to having their tongues removed.
  14. Anyone who can resurrect must be registered with the Baroness. All resurrections must be accompanied by a noble decree.