Staff Announcements & Notes

NOTE: This post will be updated as announcements come in, it is recommended to check back once again shortly before the May event.

From the Coporate Secretary

Attention Members!

Due to the damage that has been done to the trails by vehicles driving onto the lands, the KGE Board of Directors have declared that there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING on the field of play until approval has been given by the BoD. Please assist our community in keeping the trails safe and usable for our events and the events of others.

Thank you,
Jacob Smith
KGE Corporate Secretary

Hello everyone,

Your KGE Corporate Secretary is here hoping everyone had a great event weekend and coming to you with a quick reminder:

The next Board of Directors meeting is in approximately two weeks, on Sunday, April 28th at 1pm. It will be located at our usual venue, the Pittsfield Township offices. The address for the meeting is located on the meeting's event page. Submissions for the meeting's agenda are due at the end of this week, on Sunday, April 21st. If you have something you would like to submit, please send it to either or before the deadline.

Thank you and happy adventuring,

Jacob Smith
Corporate Secretary

From the Building and Land Department:

There is currently a 20 yard dumpster near the QM Shed. The Staff are using it to dispose of refuse from the Supply Depot, to start converting that area to additional camping space and eventual camper / fifth wheel parking.

However, there is an issue with the size of the pallets, and the internal volume of the dumpster. 

We have too many pallets, and they take up too much space. 

THUS, the building and land department is offering a 10xp bounty for members that are willing to break down 10 pallets, and toss the pieces into the dumpster. This bounty will be awarded when accompanied by a picture of the ten pallets before breaking down, and a picture of the ten pallets in pieces, post-destruction. 

Zach and Craig moved about 30 pallets into the parking lot, beside the dumpster, to start the process.

From the CBM

As a reminder, we are not sending out individual update emails each month - you will only get an email if you submitted a signout for a new or previously unconverted character; if there were issues with your signout that we needed to make you aware of (i.e. you weren’t approved for an update, we couldn’t grant a skill, etc.); or if you left a comment or question in the CBM Comments section of the signout that we needed to address.

Lastly, if you are a new player planning to come out to the next event, we would love to get your character sheet created prior to the event so it saves us both time at the event. Please email us at and give us your character deets and let us know if you have any questions!

From the GM

Kanar Rule Book – version 3/2019 – page 24 – Status Effects Chart;

Stunned: Target cannot see, hear, or take any action.  If they are not already laying down, the target must immediately fall to the ground.  They may groan in pain while falling.  This status will immediately end if the target receives any damage or is shaken by another character.  Deathblows may be administered to the target.

Kanar Rule Book – version 3/2019 – page 20 – Armor Locations;

A suit of armor is divided into 7 locations: 2 legs, 2 arms, front torso, rear torso, and head.  Armor points are given based on the number of locations armored.

  • Leather Armor : 5AP/location

  • Composite Armor : 10AP/location

  • Chain/Scale Armor : 15AP/location

  • Plate Armor : 20AP/location

Rulebook - under Armor Move

If at any point, a character’s armor is reduced to 0, the armor is considered destroyed and can no longer be repaired.  Please role play changing armor and turn in your tags as necessary.

By: Jeremiah Klabis – Econ 1st


Theme Marshals versus Encounter Marshals

Announcement: The GM staff has changed over staff from Theme Marshals to Encounter Marshals.  Why you might ask?  Theme Marshals often perform their duties autonomously and without the knowledge of the GM staff prior to a module only to hopefully turn in a report after the fact. Encounter Marshals are expected to prearrange and preapprove all encounters before they go out.  This way the GM staff can organize the event schedule, plan for NPC staff needed, prep as needed, hand out possible cross module information and generally run an event.  This means a lot more work on the front side of the event but we (the GM staff) feel this is for the betterment of the story.  Thank you all during this time of adjustment.

By: Tim Schafer – GM 1st

2019 Official Language List (30)

Languages - PC Racial

  •      Language - Common

  •      Language - Common Dwarven

  •      Language - Common Elven

  •      Language - Forest Elven

  •      Language - Ogre

  •      Language - Orcish

Languages - Other

  •      Language - Ancient Common

  •      Language - Ancient Dwarven

  •      Language - Ancient Elven

  •      Language - Dark Elven

  •      Language - Deep Dwarven

Languages - Planar

  •      Language - Windborn (Common Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Aquan (Water Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Auran (Air Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Ignan (Fire Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Terran (Earth Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Abyssal (Negative Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Modran (Neutral Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Solaran (Positive Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Sylvan (Wild Planar Tongue)

Languages - Special

  •      Language - Aquarian

  •      Language - Bullywog

  •      Language - Draconic

  •      Language - Giant

  •      Language - Gnoll

  •      Language - Gnome

  •      Language - Goblin

  •      Language - Ildaryn

  •      Language - Skaven

  •      Language – Tauren


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April Event Announcements

BLD Announcement

April 2019 The building and land department has issued a safety notice. Until significant repairs are made, house chaos, the fort, the treehouse and the roof of the ordu gate are off-limits for safety reasons. With the removal of the caretaker system, the building and the land staff are hard at work to restore these areas to functionality. And improved caretaker system is being discussed between the building and land department and the board of directors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PM Announcement

Hello players! PM Secretary here with a couple things of note:

  1. We're continuing to get people who've put clarification questions in the "PM feedback" portion of their signout form. That is not the ideal place to ask clarification questions, that part of the signout is asking for your feedback on the PM department's performance during the event. If you use the PM Form (conveniently linked below), you'll get your answer much more quickly, and it'll help us keep a record of what you asked. We really encourage you to use it.

  2. We've had multiple requests for a Word/Docs reformattable copy of the Rulebook, rather than the PDF format usually provided. Our understanding is that this is used to put it into hardbound covers and other creative, field-friendly presentations. We're happy to do so (I personally made a field-friendly "binder" for my copy), but we'd like to add a "user beware" to anyone planning something similar. Prior to recent changes, the Rulebook went without anything other than formatting updates for quite a long time. It's going to be different going forward - we just issued a new copy of the book containing recent clarifications, and more of them are already starting to line up. The RBC will continue to evaluate suggestions as they're submitted, and that might result in changes as well. We don't intend to make any in the near future which are nearly as major as the ones issued over the winter, but we want you to be aware that the Rulebook is a living document; continued improvement of our game will logically result in gradual evolution of our rules. If you commission someone to bind you a fancy expensive copy of the book, and a new one is issued a month later, we're not going to be held responsible. 

  3. Racial requirements are just that - requirements. If you're an Elf and you choose to wear a hat, you still have to wear eartips under it. If you're a Halfling and you choose to wear gauntlets, you still have to have fur on underneath them. These requirements have been in effect for a full event now, and staff will be warning and/or removing players from field who are not meeting them. We appreciate your understanding in this.

Also following up on a couple of questions from the event, your PM staff would like to touch on two points regarding the Bardic version of Word of Protection. 

  1. If you choose to move through an area affected by something like Word of Protection, you MUST announce the method you're using to move through it. For example, let's say Player One is maintaining a Word of Protection (Level 8). Player Two may choose to come within 10' of Player One by announcing something like "Level 9" (if they are that level) or "Resist Charm" (if they have that skill). 

    If you are using this or another spell with a duration of "Song", we HIGHLY recommend that you periodically re-announce the name of the spell and any pertinent information during the song. Otherwise, players and NPCs who were not within earshot when it was first announced will have no way to know the objective of the spell-song you're casting.

Thanks for reading! See you at the event!

Matt Ash, PM Staff


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KGE BLD Announcement: Building Materials

KGE Building and Land Department Announcement

Members of the KGE community,

The Building and Land Department is happy to provide an area on KGE’s property for in game organizations to store their unused building materials. Since the creation of this area the amount of building materials in our area of play has drastically decreased providing a more decorum aesthetic that adds to our role-playing and story. We thank the community for working with us to improve the safety and look of our lands.

As we close out on the 2018 season the BLD staff has noticed that many of the building materials that are being stored have been the same materials that were first transported when we created the storage area. While we are happy that these materials are no longer on field, this area was never created as a permanent storage area.

The BLD department is asking all land caretakers to meet with us before the end of the November 2018 event to assess the building materials that are being stored under your supervision. We wish to know what the plan for said materials are, a timeline for material use, and if the materials are still usable. Much of the materials have started to rot due to being exposed to the elements.

If an organization does not meet with the BLD department by the end of the November 2018 event then the BLD staff will consider the reserved building materials abandoned and they will be disposed of. We will also work with the BOD to schedule an additional dumpster pick up if a large amount of building materials need to be disposed of.


The current list of stored building materials is as follows:

  • Tuth

    • 2x2’s and Rubbermaid container with tarps

  • Fort Morinar

    • 42 pallets, landscaping timbers, 4 x 4’s, carpeting, and gardening supplies

  • Building and Land Department

    • 4 x6’s, 4 x 8‘s, and plywood

  • Vanari

    • 2x4’s and 2x6’s, futon frame, and pallets

  • Silverleaf

    • Fence sections, long 4x4‘s, and 2x4’s

  • Craig

    • One section of wall made by pallets and concrete footings

  • House Mallard

    • Fireplace bricks

  • Unknown

    • Pellets and disassembled pellet timbers

  • Unknown

    • Pellets and tarp covering concrete footings

  • Chaos

    • Pallets and plastic shelves

If players have any questions they should reach out to the BLD staff via Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

- The BLD Staff

Photo by Malaya Sadler on Unsplash

KGE BLD Announcement: Caretakers

KGE Building and Land Department Announcement

KGE site Caretakers,

The Building and Land Department would like to thank you for volunteering your valuable time to help maintain the lands that we all enjoy. The BLD staff appreciates the volunteer hours that have gone into maintain our structures and the creation of some new ones this season. As we get ready to close out the 2018 season the BLD staff would like to walk all sites that have been issued a caretaker with the person who holds that position before the end of the November 2018 event.

The current list of assigned caretakers is as follows –

  • Aeracon’s Keep: Tim Schafer

  • Silverleaf: Jake Smith

  • Bein Amar: Eric Thornburgh

  • Claddagh: Jennifer Blair

  • Drunken Duck: Amanda Aquino

  • G’nip’s Shacks: Fred Sher

  • Grove: Allison Fogle

  • Hawkstone Keep: Kaitlin Bereczky

  • Mahala Nar: Robert Hubbard

  • Mallard Camp: Marcus Schwimmer

  • Nothrim: Steve Jones

  • Silvermaple Inn: Wilm Pierson

  • Tribe Land: Russ Fox

  • Everything else: BLDept

If you see something wrong with this list please inform the BLD staff so that we can reach out to the appropriate parties. The BLD staff is also going to get all caretakers to fill out a new caretaker form at these walkthroughs. If any organizations wish to change the caretaker that represents them the BLD staff would like to have that process completed before the end of the November 2018 event.

If a caretaker does not schedule a walk through with the BLD staff before the end of the November 2018 event then this letter will serve as a three month warning which starts the process of reassigning an area of KGE land to a new party or back to the BLD staff. This process is documented in KGE-POL-007.

This season we have seen a large decrease in the use of our already built structures. One of the main goals for the BLD staff, going into the 2019 season, is to work with the player base to find ways to have these areas used more regularly and by more of the player base. We look forward to hearing from all of the caretakers. Please schedule your walkthrough by sending an email to

The BLD Staff

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash