Pre-Season Announcements

From Economics Staff

The econ staff is posting to allow all players to be aware they have until the end of the weeklong event to collect their tags from 2018 and earlier or they will become absorbed back into the economics binders for redistribution. The econ folders are overrun with unclaimed tags for players.

Additionally with the updated rulebook comes updated Econ packets.

From the CBM Staff

With all the changes to the rules, character sheets and general policies that has happened recently. Please make sure to review this document to ensure you receive your character updates in a timely manner this year. It’s all the same information as before, just compressed into an easy to read format.

From the GM Staff

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.39.10 AM.png
  1. The ground has many frozen over gofer burls and so wear ankle support as the ground feels like walking on popcorn. Ice warning. Foot attire at cold events is vital.  No one will fault you for your non period winter hikers.

  2. This is the first event & it WILL BE cold!  Gage your shots accordingly.  Check your weapons often,  Cold makes the padding hard and the Duct tape extra sharp.  Please be safe this weekend.

From the Safety Staff

A note about safety from your friendly neighborhood safety staff. It is cold out that being said be sure to dress in multiple layers to avoid overexposure to the cold. Hydration is as important to avoid hypothermia as it is to avoid heat stroke so drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the event and while at play. If you get so cold you no longer shiver this is something to be concerned about as it indicates your body is shutting down. Steps needed to recover include but are not limited to remove yourself from the cold environment warm your core body first then your extremities and again hydrate. To all that will be out this event play, safe watch your swings your weapons will hurt more in the cold and remember to have fun!!!!!!

From the BLD Staff

Hello club members, 

The Building and Land Staff would like to remind everyone that Ordu Towers, the Tree Fort, Rath’s Building Site and Hawkstone’s tower will be roped off with pink tape this event for safety reasons. Do not enter any of these spaces.

The trails are very icy so make sure you have a good footing while walking. We also have some large areas of “popcorn ground”. This is ground that looks solid but will sink your foot a few inches. Great way to hurt an ankle. We know everyone is excited to get on field and swing some weapons but please make sure the area you are fighting on is safe.

If at any point you think an area of field is unsafe for play please find a member of safety or BLD staff and let them know. 

It looks like we are going to have a large number of new players attending this event so park smart. Anyone taking up more than one parking spot will be asked to move their vehicle. Many of our orange parking markers fell over this winter and the ground is so frozen we can’t put them back in so use your best judgment. 

All of the firepits were raked at the past BLD workday so please get those fires going and stay warm. We hope everyone has an amazing event.

From the PM Staff

Over the last year, the rulebook committee has been working to update Kanar’s rulebook. At the January board of directors meeting, the BOD approved a new edition to the rulebook. Since then, we have worked closely with the character book marshal staff to make a clean transition for the players. The changes will be in effect at the March event, so please take the time to review these changes as they may have effected your character. The playmaster staff will be present at the event to answer any lingering questions.

You can always download the most recent copy of our rulebook on the website;

We also have a clarification page listing all clarifications we’ve made to the book which can also be found on the downloads page of the website listed above under “rulebook clarifications.”

Also, as always we encourage constructive feedback or questions regarding the rulebook. If you have either, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our playmaster form.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!


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CBD Staff Position Open


Good afternoon everyone,

Your Corporate Secretary is here to announce the availability of a K1 Game Staff position that has been opened. The following position will be opened for application and appointment, effective immediately, and will close January 12th, 2019 to be discussed and voted upon at the Board of Directors meeting the following day:

  • Character Book Marshal 1st

Applications for this position should be sent to the Secretary or Board of Directors email addresses, and respectively. Applications will then be reviewed and the President will schedule interviews with the applicants. Approved applicants will then be motioned for discussion and approval at the Board of Directors meeting. Members desiring to apply for this position must meet the following general requirements:

  • Currently hold Veteran KGE Membership Status and be a KGE member in Good Standing.

  • Not have been released from any other KGE position due to disciplinary action in the last five years.

  • Have a current and working telephone number.

  • Have a working e-mail address with access on a daily basis.

  • Have a current and valid mailing address.

We would like to take a moment to thank Amanda Reyes-Aquino for her tireless work as CBM 1st over the last year, and to thank her for her service to the game and its operation.

Corporate Secretary,
Jacob Smith

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CBD Staff Position Open

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some fine folk who might be interested in joining the CBD Staff. It involves long hours of number crunching, sitting in a parking lot while someone tells you an elaborate backstory that you don't care about, and genuinely not having much clue as to what the hell is going on around you.

Really though, looking for people who are;

  • Good at spreadsheets
  • Have extra time to sit and work 8-10 hours between events on just character sheets. 
  • Discreet, and able to keep all the secrets under their hats.
  • Have a working computer
  • Are not currently on another staff
  • Are not looking to pursue another position either in K1 or with KGE
  • Are concerned about the growth of the game play, not the business

Look this isn't a glamorous job, it's really boring and has number crunching potential. You do get to weigh in on important decisions and whatnot but for the most part, it's a bunch of stress trying to get things done!


Please email some type of resume to the cbd at

 --  CBD 1st Matty

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