May & June Announcements


The first Saturday of the weeklong we will be having a Larp Sale in the Parking lot. From 12 to 6 feel free to set up in your parking space. We ask if you are selling to try to be near the front so to not interfere with traffic. Thanks!

From the BLD

We have a much higher rate of poison ivy growth this year than in years past. If you are going to be running off trail make sure you have full length pants and boots on. NPC Land is extra full of the stuff.

Yes - the bugs are bad. Bring lots of spray and don’t count on others providing it. Everyone is responsible for their own bug spray.

We have a good amount of water on he field with more rain on the way. Wet socks will kill an event. Pack extra socks and then pack some more.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the week long event.

From The Treasurer

As Weeklong comes closer, just a quick reminder, our 10 day event is $40.00 for the event fee. That gives access to the full ten days as well as the experience that comes with it!

David Angell,

From Econ

Reminder that all players have until the end of the June 2019 weeklong event to pick up any tags dated before 2019. Backlogged tags have piled up. If you feel that you have tags to be picked up that are from 2018 or earlier, and know you will not make it to the event, you may send an email to from your KGE registered email with your full legal name (as written on your ARF) and the full legal name of one person you will allow to pick your tags up for you. This request needs to be put in prior to June 10, 2019.

Thank you,
Economics staff

From Feast Coordinator

As feast coordinator for Kanar 2020, I will be setting the bar at Cobblestone Farms for the location and the new caterer (What's Cooking in Ann Arbor) we used last year (2019). If anyone would like to challenge these 2 things, please message me so I can work with you to investigate any suggested options and report it to the BoD for consideration.

Game Master 1st
Tim Schafer

From Adopt-A-Road

Good morning everyone! Due to reasons I can't schedule a May litter pickup for adopt a road (still looking for someone to help with that). However, if you take before and after pictures and fill at least one garbage bag cleaning up part the area from the field north to Allison road and email said pictures to, I will make sure you get some points. Please dispose of the bag in our dumpster, and these pictures should be submitted or timestampped before May 31st.

Thank you.
Chamomile Rae Short

From the CBM

Any Staff Time Between Events Now Eligible to Count Toward 200 Extra XP

The BoD approved of a proposal at the April meeting to allow staff time for any staff between events to count toward the 200 bonus XP that is available to be earned each season. Previously, the 200 Extra XP could only be earned through donating time or money to QM, BLD, or Adopt-a-Road. Any work done for the GM, PM, CBM, BLD, QM, Safety, and Adopt-a-Road, is now eligible to count toward the 200 Extra XP, with the following conditions:

  1. The maximum amount of XP that any player can earn each season is 200 XP. This is counted by player, NOT by character (so you cannot earn 200 for your primary PC and an additional 200 for your secondary PC).

  2. You can earn a maximum of 100 XP per staff group. That is, in order to max out the 200 XP, you must volunteer for/donate to at least two staff groups.

  3. In order to submit staff time to receive XP, you MUST fill out the “Between Events Staff XP” Google Form. 

    • Multiple form submissions may be required if you did work for more than one staff group between events.

    • This form is very similar to the Between Event Signout Form and your claimed time must be submitted through this form for approval

  4. XP is earned at the same rate as NPC XP – 1 XP per half hour of work. Make sure to document your hours accurately. Some staff groups may have lists of certain tasks that they plan to award a certain amount of XP for based on the average amount of time it takes to complete a task or importance of the task. (For example: The QM staff might state that they will award 1 XP per nametag sewn onto NPC clothing, or the GM staff might say players may earn 2 points per module submission that is approved, etc.)

  5. All Google Form submissions will be sent to the 1stof the staff who you are submitting time toward (that is, if you submit between event work for the GM staff, select GM on the form and the email will go to the GM staff).

    • The 1sts will then have authority to approve or deny your submission. If they deny your submission, they will contact you by email to let you know why your submission was denied.

  6. At the end of each submission period, the 1sts will need to finish reviewing all submissions received for the month and add any XP earned to the CBM’s between event XP tracking file.

  7. The CBM will then add any bonus XP from the previous month to character sheets at the time they do character updates.

  8. Please note that this policy will take effect the day after the May event, May 20th, and the earning period for this season will run until Feast 2020. After Feast 2020, a new season will begin and you can earn 200 XP again.

  9. Late form submissions will be accepted until the end of the season. No bonus XP submissions will be accepted for the season if submitted more than 8 days after Feast.

  10. The earning/submission periods for the rest of this year can be found in the table below. These dates follow the same pattern as regular signout submissions and updates:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 1.55.11 PM.png

Turning on Notifications on Your Character Sheet

If you would like to receive an email anytime a change has been made to your character sheet, please do the following (NOTE: THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU ARE SIGNED IN TO GOOGLE/HAVE A GMAIL ADDRESS):

  1. Open your character sheet in Google Sheets.

  2. At the top, click Tools > Notification rules.

  3. In the window that appears, select "Any changes are made”. 

  4. In the window that appears, select "Email – right away".

  5. Click Done.

Even though the CBM staff no longer emails out updated character sheets each month, this will allow you to know when your sheet has been updated so you can go view it.

Staff Time During Scheduled Events Now Counts Toward NPC XP

The BoD approved of a proposal at the April meeting to allow scheduled staff time to count toward NPC time. Any scheduled hours spent staffing during scheduled events now count toward your NPC hours for the event. The maximum amount of NPC time that can be earned for any given event is still 12 XP (or 60 XP for weeklong), and is earned at the same rate for NPCing or staffing – 1 XP per half hour.

Please make sure to describe any staff time on your signout, under the “What NPCs did you play?” question. Include how many hours you spent working for each staff, as the CBM will be validating this information with all of the 1sts before awarding XP. Combine your staff hours and NPC hours and list that number under the “How many hours (total) did you spend NPCing?” question. For any further questions about this policy, please contact the CBM Staff.

Limit to Number of Skills that Can be Taught Each Event

The GSOM has updated their policies regarding teaching skills during event. The maximum number of different skills any character may teach during a scheduled event is 4. This means that you may teach 4 distinct skills to other characters; you may still teach multiple characters a single skill as a group and it will only count as one skill taught toward your limit. 

As a reminder: The number of hours it takes to teach a skill to another character is equivalent to the cost of the skill divided by 10. So, if you are teaching a 30 point skill (based on the class of the STUDENT(S)), that means that it takes a MINIMUM of 3 hours to teach the skill. If you are teaching an expensive skill that costs 450 points, for example, it will take you a minimum of 45 hours to teach the skill (which will obviously take more than one event). 

Please only list skills that you have taught/learned on your signout once you have finished the lesson. The CBM staff does not track the total hours you taught/learned skills – this remains on the honor system. The CBM staff only needs to know once you have completed a lesson so that they are able to update character sheets with the learned skills.


Staff Announcements & Notes

NOTE: This post will be updated as announcements come in, it is recommended to check back once again shortly before the May event.

From the Coporate Secretary

Attention Members!

Due to the damage that has been done to the trails by vehicles driving onto the lands, the KGE Board of Directors have declared that there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING on the field of play until approval has been given by the BoD. Please assist our community in keeping the trails safe and usable for our events and the events of others.

Thank you,
Jacob Smith
KGE Corporate Secretary

Hello everyone,

Your KGE Corporate Secretary is here hoping everyone had a great event weekend and coming to you with a quick reminder:

The next Board of Directors meeting is in approximately two weeks, on Sunday, April 28th at 1pm. It will be located at our usual venue, the Pittsfield Township offices. The address for the meeting is located on the meeting's event page. Submissions for the meeting's agenda are due at the end of this week, on Sunday, April 21st. If you have something you would like to submit, please send it to either or before the deadline.

Thank you and happy adventuring,

Jacob Smith
Corporate Secretary

From the Building and Land Department:

There is currently a 20 yard dumpster near the QM Shed. The Staff are using it to dispose of refuse from the Supply Depot, to start converting that area to additional camping space and eventual camper / fifth wheel parking.

However, there is an issue with the size of the pallets, and the internal volume of the dumpster. 

We have too many pallets, and they take up too much space. 

THUS, the building and land department is offering a 10xp bounty for members that are willing to break down 10 pallets, and toss the pieces into the dumpster. This bounty will be awarded when accompanied by a picture of the ten pallets before breaking down, and a picture of the ten pallets in pieces, post-destruction. 

Zach and Craig moved about 30 pallets into the parking lot, beside the dumpster, to start the process.

From the CBM

As a reminder, we are not sending out individual update emails each month - you will only get an email if you submitted a signout for a new or previously unconverted character; if there were issues with your signout that we needed to make you aware of (i.e. you weren’t approved for an update, we couldn’t grant a skill, etc.); or if you left a comment or question in the CBM Comments section of the signout that we needed to address.

Lastly, if you are a new player planning to come out to the next event, we would love to get your character sheet created prior to the event so it saves us both time at the event. Please email us at and give us your character deets and let us know if you have any questions!

From the GM

Kanar Rule Book – version 3/2019 – page 24 – Status Effects Chart;

Stunned: Target cannot see, hear, or take any action.  If they are not already laying down, the target must immediately fall to the ground.  They may groan in pain while falling.  This status will immediately end if the target receives any damage or is shaken by another character.  Deathblows may be administered to the target.

Kanar Rule Book – version 3/2019 – page 20 – Armor Locations;

A suit of armor is divided into 7 locations: 2 legs, 2 arms, front torso, rear torso, and head.  Armor points are given based on the number of locations armored.

  • Leather Armor : 5AP/location

  • Composite Armor : 10AP/location

  • Chain/Scale Armor : 15AP/location

  • Plate Armor : 20AP/location

Rulebook - under Armor Move

If at any point, a character’s armor is reduced to 0, the armor is considered destroyed and can no longer be repaired.  Please role play changing armor and turn in your tags as necessary.

By: Jeremiah Klabis – Econ 1st


Theme Marshals versus Encounter Marshals

Announcement: The GM staff has changed over staff from Theme Marshals to Encounter Marshals.  Why you might ask?  Theme Marshals often perform their duties autonomously and without the knowledge of the GM staff prior to a module only to hopefully turn in a report after the fact. Encounter Marshals are expected to prearrange and preapprove all encounters before they go out.  This way the GM staff can organize the event schedule, plan for NPC staff needed, prep as needed, hand out possible cross module information and generally run an event.  This means a lot more work on the front side of the event but we (the GM staff) feel this is for the betterment of the story.  Thank you all during this time of adjustment.

By: Tim Schafer – GM 1st

2019 Official Language List (30)

Languages - PC Racial

  •      Language - Common

  •      Language - Common Dwarven

  •      Language - Common Elven

  •      Language - Forest Elven

  •      Language - Ogre

  •      Language - Orcish

Languages - Other

  •      Language - Ancient Common

  •      Language - Ancient Dwarven

  •      Language - Ancient Elven

  •      Language - Dark Elven

  •      Language - Deep Dwarven

Languages - Planar

  •      Language - Windborn (Common Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Aquan (Water Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Auran (Air Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Ignan (Fire Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Terran (Earth Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Abyssal (Negative Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Modran (Neutral Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Solaran (Positive Planar Tongue)

  •      Language - Sylvan (Wild Planar Tongue)

Languages - Special

  •      Language - Aquarian

  •      Language - Bullywog

  •      Language - Draconic

  •      Language - Giant

  •      Language - Gnoll

  •      Language - Gnome

  •      Language - Goblin

  •      Language - Ildaryn

  •      Language - Skaven

  •      Language – Tauren


Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash

Pre-Season Announcements

From Economics Staff

The econ staff is posting to allow all players to be aware they have until the end of the weeklong event to collect their tags from 2018 and earlier or they will become absorbed back into the economics binders for redistribution. The econ folders are overrun with unclaimed tags for players.

Additionally with the updated rulebook comes updated Econ packets.

From the CBM Staff

With all the changes to the rules, character sheets and general policies that has happened recently. Please make sure to review this document to ensure you receive your character updates in a timely manner this year. It’s all the same information as before, just compressed into an easy to read format.

From the GM Staff

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.39.10 AM.png
  1. The ground has many frozen over gofer burls and so wear ankle support as the ground feels like walking on popcorn. Ice warning. Foot attire at cold events is vital.  No one will fault you for your non period winter hikers.

  2. This is the first event & it WILL BE cold!  Gage your shots accordingly.  Check your weapons often,  Cold makes the padding hard and the Duct tape extra sharp.  Please be safe this weekend.

From the Safety Staff

A note about safety from your friendly neighborhood safety staff. It is cold out that being said be sure to dress in multiple layers to avoid overexposure to the cold. Hydration is as important to avoid hypothermia as it is to avoid heat stroke so drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the event and while at play. If you get so cold you no longer shiver this is something to be concerned about as it indicates your body is shutting down. Steps needed to recover include but are not limited to remove yourself from the cold environment warm your core body first then your extremities and again hydrate. To all that will be out this event play, safe watch your swings your weapons will hurt more in the cold and remember to have fun!!!!!!

From the BLD Staff

Hello club members, 

The Building and Land Staff would like to remind everyone that Ordu Towers, the Tree Fort, Rath’s Building Site and Hawkstone’s tower will be roped off with pink tape this event for safety reasons. Do not enter any of these spaces.

The trails are very icy so make sure you have a good footing while walking. We also have some large areas of “popcorn ground”. This is ground that looks solid but will sink your foot a few inches. Great way to hurt an ankle. We know everyone is excited to get on field and swing some weapons but please make sure the area you are fighting on is safe.

If at any point you think an area of field is unsafe for play please find a member of safety or BLD staff and let them know. 

It looks like we are going to have a large number of new players attending this event so park smart. Anyone taking up more than one parking spot will be asked to move their vehicle. Many of our orange parking markers fell over this winter and the ground is so frozen we can’t put them back in so use your best judgment. 

All of the firepits were raked at the past BLD workday so please get those fires going and stay warm. We hope everyone has an amazing event.

From the PM Staff

Over the last year, the rulebook committee has been working to update Kanar’s rulebook. At the January board of directors meeting, the BOD approved a new edition to the rulebook. Since then, we have worked closely with the character book marshal staff to make a clean transition for the players. The changes will be in effect at the March event, so please take the time to review these changes as they may have effected your character. The playmaster staff will be present at the event to answer any lingering questions.

You can always download the most recent copy of our rulebook on the website;

We also have a clarification page listing all clarifications we’ve made to the book which can also be found on the downloads page of the website listed above under “rulebook clarifications.”

Also, as always we encourage constructive feedback or questions regarding the rulebook. If you have either, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our playmaster form.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

CBD Staff Position Open


Good afternoon everyone,

Your Corporate Secretary is here to announce the availability of a K1 Game Staff position that has been opened. The following position will be opened for application and appointment, effective immediately, and will close January 12th, 2019 to be discussed and voted upon at the Board of Directors meeting the following day:

  • Character Book Marshal 1st

Applications for this position should be sent to the Secretary or Board of Directors email addresses, and respectively. Applications will then be reviewed and the President will schedule interviews with the applicants. Approved applicants will then be motioned for discussion and approval at the Board of Directors meeting. Members desiring to apply for this position must meet the following general requirements:

  • Currently hold Veteran KGE Membership Status and be a KGE member in Good Standing.

  • Not have been released from any other KGE position due to disciplinary action in the last five years.

  • Have a current and working telephone number.

  • Have a working e-mail address with access on a daily basis.

  • Have a current and valid mailing address.

We would like to take a moment to thank Amanda Reyes-Aquino for her tireless work as CBM 1st over the last year, and to thank her for her service to the game and its operation.

Corporate Secretary,
Jacob Smith

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

CBD Staff Position Open

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some fine folk who might be interested in joining the CBD Staff. It involves long hours of number crunching, sitting in a parking lot while someone tells you an elaborate backstory that you don't care about, and genuinely not having much clue as to what the hell is going on around you.

Really though, looking for people who are;

  • Good at spreadsheets
  • Have extra time to sit and work 8-10 hours between events on just character sheets. 
  • Discreet, and able to keep all the secrets under their hats.
  • Have a working computer
  • Are not currently on another staff
  • Are not looking to pursue another position either in K1 or with KGE
  • Are concerned about the growth of the game play, not the business

Look this isn't a glamorous job, it's really boring and has number crunching potential. You do get to weigh in on important decisions and whatnot but for the most part, it's a bunch of stress trying to get things done!


Please email some type of resume to the cbd at

 --  CBD 1st Matty

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash