Pre-Season Announcements

From Economics Staff

The econ staff is posting to allow all players to be aware they have until the end of the weeklong event to collect their tags from 2018 and earlier or they will become absorbed back into the economics binders for redistribution. The econ folders are overrun with unclaimed tags for players.

Additionally with the updated rulebook comes updated Econ packets.

From the CBM Staff

With all the changes to the rules, character sheets and general policies that has happened recently. Please make sure to review this document to ensure you receive your character updates in a timely manner this year. It’s all the same information as before, just compressed into an easy to read format.

From the GM Staff

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.39.10 AM.png
  1. The ground has many frozen over gofer burls and so wear ankle support as the ground feels like walking on popcorn. Ice warning. Foot attire at cold events is vital.  No one will fault you for your non period winter hikers.

  2. This is the first event & it WILL BE cold!  Gage your shots accordingly.  Check your weapons often,  Cold makes the padding hard and the Duct tape extra sharp.  Please be safe this weekend.

From the Safety Staff

A note about safety from your friendly neighborhood safety staff. It is cold out that being said be sure to dress in multiple layers to avoid overexposure to the cold. Hydration is as important to avoid hypothermia as it is to avoid heat stroke so drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the event and while at play. If you get so cold you no longer shiver this is something to be concerned about as it indicates your body is shutting down. Steps needed to recover include but are not limited to remove yourself from the cold environment warm your core body first then your extremities and again hydrate. To all that will be out this event play, safe watch your swings your weapons will hurt more in the cold and remember to have fun!!!!!!

From the BLD Staff

Hello club members, 

The Building and Land Staff would like to remind everyone that Ordu Towers, the Tree Fort, Rath’s Building Site and Hawkstone’s tower will be roped off with pink tape this event for safety reasons. Do not enter any of these spaces.

The trails are very icy so make sure you have a good footing while walking. We also have some large areas of “popcorn ground”. This is ground that looks solid but will sink your foot a few inches. Great way to hurt an ankle. We know everyone is excited to get on field and swing some weapons but please make sure the area you are fighting on is safe.

If at any point you think an area of field is unsafe for play please find a member of safety or BLD staff and let them know. 

It looks like we are going to have a large number of new players attending this event so park smart. Anyone taking up more than one parking spot will be asked to move their vehicle. Many of our orange parking markers fell over this winter and the ground is so frozen we can’t put them back in so use your best judgment. 

All of the firepits were raked at the past BLD workday so please get those fires going and stay warm. We hope everyone has an amazing event.

From the PM Staff

Over the last year, the rulebook committee has been working to update Kanar’s rulebook. At the January board of directors meeting, the BOD approved a new edition to the rulebook. Since then, we have worked closely with the character book marshal staff to make a clean transition for the players. The changes will be in effect at the March event, so please take the time to review these changes as they may have effected your character. The playmaster staff will be present at the event to answer any lingering questions.

You can always download the most recent copy of our rulebook on the website;

We also have a clarification page listing all clarifications we’ve made to the book which can also be found on the downloads page of the website listed above under “rulebook clarifications.”

Also, as always we encourage constructive feedback or questions regarding the rulebook. If you have either, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our playmaster form.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!


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From the GM & Economics Marshal

Game Master

Please remember to fill out a KGE Inc. Annual Registration Form (ARF) on line for the 2018 season.  It is important that you include your legal First Name, Last Name & Middle Initial as we use this to identify your personal character files. The ARF is also used by KGE Inc. to provide us with the insurance coverage for the group.  To those caught in non-compliance with this rule, you will be asked to leave the field and may suffer disciplinary actions as this violation may hold the club liable.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who submitted a resume to the GM 1st for the position of Econ 1st.  After consideration I have chosen Jeremiah Klabis to be the new Econ 1st.  Jeremiah has been performing the task as part of the previous Econ staff and is well suited to take the position over with the minimal amount of transitional period stoppages.  I would also like to thank Kevin Reading and Joe Brescol for stepping up while we were in transition and assisting the staff to maintain the level of service to our customers. In addition we have added Ferd Blackburn to the Econ staff and are still seeking others to help with the position. If interested, please seek out Jeremiah and talk to him. We on the GM staff and its subordinate staff find that face to face conversations yield the best results as communication is key to the success of Kanar.

Thank you,
Tim Schafer - GM 1st

Economics & GM

Economics Marshal

Reminder that players may make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to their Player Bank every event. Eligible players may also make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to a Group or Unit Fund every event.

A friendly reminder from your economic staff. Please check your tag expiration dates regularly. After a tag is expired please turn it in. Using expired tags on the field is cheating. A note on Legacy tags. A legacy tag is a consumable tag that does not have an expiration date. These tags will be honored until they are used. After used they need to be turned in and they will be taken out of circulation.

IG: Announcement From the Feast 2017

Citizens of this fine land,

Given the unique challenges facing our nation, from common brigandry to magical plagues to wars with beings from other realms of existence, a new path must be forged by the people, their leaders, and Our Crown.

Reports have reached Us that Our royal uncles and cousins in Narrdmyr have been killed in various treacherous ways. Our heart is heavy with sadness that Our once prosperous and well-loved family has been laid low through betrayal on and off the field of battle.

Our own father's death in battle against the vile Shadowed Men pains Us still. But it is for his compassion and bravery in the face of horrid deceit and faithless lords that Our father will be remembered. A new course of compassion and bravery must be wrought for our nation, in the mold of Our father, His father, and all of the Lines of Belthshazarr, Del Ray, and Narrdmyr.

With this in mind, I, Daffyd Alekzander Belthshazarr, the First of My Name, do proclaim myself King of the Kingdom of Novashan, to rule over Our loyal citizens with benevolence, courage, and unwavering vigilance. 

Open GM Staff Position

Karigan GM 2nd is looking for someone to join Game Master Staff as a 3rd. Anyone is welcome to inquire after the position, you need simply send her a message to get the conversation started.

Hello friends!

This is an assistant position primarily to myself, and there are a few qualities I am looking for, in order for you to be considered.

First and foremost, there is a lot of work involved in being on GM staff. Imagine how much work you think it involves and at least double it. Now double it again, because there is work for during events and between events. 

This unfortunately means you also won't be playing your character very often. Personal plots will all have to be set aside (as I won't allow you to participate in a plot you are aware of the specifics to, everyone else's plots takes priority over a GM's, and you should be working ya lazy bum). This position is for someone who wants to personally dedicate a lot of time to help the game flourish and improve.

Secondly, as a result of the amount of work needed, you must attend every event. The simplest statement with heaviest weight. If you cannot commit to attend every event, then you're wasting my time and you're wasting the player's time. I need someone who is dedicated, even if that ends up being for just a year.

A third thing I'd like to mention is the GM Staff has specific goals; things we wish to accomplish OOG to improve the long term playability of Kanar. While I'm not looking for a carbon copy of priorities, there are things that are more important than others - again, for the long term playability of the game. I'll be looking for someone who shares similar priorities so what we're working on now can be completed promptly.

And the last thing, there are some minor perks to being on the GM Staff, but ultimately it doesn't make up for the work load. I won't sugar coat anything to make the position more appealing, and I expect those that consider it to at least have an idea of what they're agreeing to (after we talk one on one).

That being said, the position is rewarding, and there are a lot of great things that will be taking place in the future that you can claim credit for! ;)

Feel free to email me at (with subject "Karigan"), or FB message me.

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Announcement from the GM

Hello Players,

The Game Master staff (GMs) would like to put out a few reminders / notices as the new season approaches!

First to be brought up is Meta-Gaming. 

Meta-Gaming is defined as the use of out-of-game (OOG) knowledge to effect in-game (IG) events, the conscious spreading of false information OOG to affect IG events and / or for IG benefit. This includes, but is not limited to, coins, tagged items, the interactions of characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events, and / or the granting of titles or privileges for characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events. This includes OOG areas, during game time.

An example of this would be to ask a NPC the prince’s age after having read a thread on Facebook.

Secondly, Tags!

There is a box for used tags at the check-in shed in the parking lot. When you use a potion, scrolls, a weapon breaks, armor is used up, anything like that at all, the tag needs to be turned in. You can also give used tags to GMs. 

In order for your Character (PC) to use or carry any item requiring a tag, you must have both a physical representation (Phys Rep) and an item tag. If the Phys Rep is lost or taken, and there is no item tag to be found on you, then the item is still considered lost / stolen by a theif.

Read the previous paragraph again. ^ Carry your tags and phys reps.

Items that a PC or Non Player Character (NPC) could not physically carry cannot be stolen, such as a horse, etc. Armor worn by a PC cannot be stolen unless physically removed. Armor tags, excluding the amount currently worn, are considered lost if stolen.

If a tag is lost and there is no phys rep, the item is lost forever. If a PC still has their phys rep, but the tag is lost, they may get the tag back, depending on the circumstances. 

Next Up, playing your character and NPCing…

You may not play more than one character per event. Exceptions to this rule shall be put in writing and shall be approved by 2/3 of the KGSOM (GM1, PM1, or CBD1) before 5pm of the first day of an event.

If a player is issued a NPC tag, item, coin, garb, weapons, etc, it must be returned to the staff at the completion of the encounter. XP is not earned for NPCing / NPCs that are not approved by the GMs.

A Dedicated NPC (DNPC) must sign up at least one day before an event is scheduled to begin. You can email the applicable staff at the following: GM:, PM:, or CBD: Applicable staff must then grant their approval, and it is first come first serve / by need basis. Players must be available for no less than 20 hours (100 for weeklong) of the event they sign up for, to qualify. Players assigned as DNPC may only play their PC with applicable staff approval. 

NPC Troop is separate from DNPC. Troop allows a player to only NPC in exchange for the event fee being waived. There is no minimum time requirement, but a player cannot play their PC. Normal daily XP is not gained, but XP is still earned as normal (up to 10 XP per day for each day of the event). 

Questions may be posted and clarification will be provided by GSOM. Other replies will be deleted to avoid misinformation.