2019 Winter Feast

We hope you had a wonderful time at our 2019 Winter Feast. Each year we strive to improve and make it better than the last, if you haven’t already please fill out the event survey and don’t forgot about the membership survey!

Check out some of the beautiful photos taken by Pixie Light Photo at feast! You can view and purchase these and more of the fantastic photos on their website.

These beautiful awards were created and given out during court at feast by Countess Kali.

Market Day

Hello everyone,

On the first Saturday of the weeklong event June 23rd, 2018, we will be having a market day! That means pull out all the old garb you don’t want to wear anymore, dust off that boffer that isn’t in your style, and generally get that clutter out of your life! 

Remember asking for Dollars is called federals and try to keep the conversations as in-game as possible! Protection will be provided by the town guard. See Jistar (Matt Tatosky) or email at mtatosky@gmail.com for details!

Matt Tatosky

Additional details to be announced soon! 

Market Day.jpg

May Event - Announcements


Let it be known far and wide that a Conclave of the Knights of Novashan shall be called to order on the evening of the 18th day of the 5th month in the year 1018. Any and all who have business or grievance with any member of the Chivalry are invited to bring forth said matters for council and arbitration. Consideration of Matters Honorbound shall require a member of the Chivalry to act as Champion in Name and Deed.

Sir Morus Silverleaf - Knight of the Thistle
Lord Marshal - Chapter of the Raven Sun



Long time player and member of our community, Toni Huges or Ariana on field, will be getting knighted this event on Saturday. The festivities will begin on Friday with a night of atonement and continue on Saturday with a fighters tournament from 12:00 - 4:00pm and the ceremony itself starting at 4:00 - 6:00pm. 

Chili Cook-Off

Between the tournament and the ceremony, there will be a chili cook-off hosted by house Bein Amar, starting at 6:00 pm. From the organizer "Number one rule is that the majority of the cooking needs to take place in Ilveresh. 5 silver to enter your pot of chili. Various prizes will be awarded for: best tasting, hottest, and most unique. Also, there will be a People’s Choice in which everyone can vote on their favorite dish. In order to sample the chili, a silver per sample is asked. This cook-off will take place between the tournament and knighting ceremony so you may attend all that day! Any questions feel free to talk to Castien! Thanks!"

Due to unique circumstances, the KGE Board of Directors has agreed that: Returning members who wish to attend the May 2018 Kanar event solely to support Squire Ariana Renard D'Castilian, and will only be present on Saturday May 19, 2018 will not have to pay $20 annual KGE dues, will not have to pay the $20 May event fee, however they will need to check in with the GM Staff when they arrive for to receive this and fill out an Annual Registration Form.

Additionally, there may be a photographer present on the field, during Saturday, it is your responsibility to avoid being photographed if desired. However, KGE has a media exclusion list for those who are concerned (this only extends to KGE official media), you can join the list by filling out this form.

Photos courtesy of Calum Lewis on Unsplash and Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

IG: Announcement From the Feast 2017

Citizens of this fine land,

Given the unique challenges facing our nation, from common brigandry to magical plagues to wars with beings from other realms of existence, a new path must be forged by the people, their leaders, and Our Crown.

Reports have reached Us that Our royal uncles and cousins in Narrdmyr have been killed in various treacherous ways. Our heart is heavy with sadness that Our once prosperous and well-loved family has been laid low through betrayal on and off the field of battle.

Our own father's death in battle against the vile Shadowed Men pains Us still. But it is for his compassion and bravery in the face of horrid deceit and faithless lords that Our father will be remembered. A new course of compassion and bravery must be wrought for our nation, in the mold of Our father, His father, and all of the Lines of Belthshazarr, Del Ray, and Narrdmyr.

With this in mind, I, Daffyd Alekzander Belthshazarr, the First of My Name, do proclaim myself King of the Kingdom of Novashan, to rule over Our loyal citizens with benevolence, courage, and unwavering vigilance. 

Mystic Quill Advice

So you want to write a Mystic Quill Article

By Kaitlin Bereczky (Mystic Quill Editor)

Part 1 - What goes in the Mystic Quill

So you’ve seen me posting about needing Mystic Quill articles and you’d like to submit something to help. Great! “But Kaitlin, I don’t know what to write for an article, what do I do?” Don’t worry Billy, I’ll help you figure out what to write, then you’ll be submitting articles like a fiend!

There are 5 sections to the Mystic Quill:

Local News - This depicts news from Ilveresh and surrounding towns. Crossroads, Brenn, and even Hallot are local news. I would go as far to say as the barrony, but that might not necessarily be the case depending on how far away the town is. News from South Bay, though fairly close, might be considered Novashan news

Novashan and World News - This is news from outside walking distance of Ilveresh. Parts of the barrony would be considered Novashan news. Things well outside the barrony, like in other kingdoms or far to the other sides of the peninsula. Barron Bear’s barrony would fall into this category.

From Our Readers - Everyone likes a little bit of gossip, and this is where it goes. Opinion pieces, periodicals, short stories, poems, works of art, and even our tarot card readings go in this section. It can be very broad and is usually the easiest to write for.

Help Wanted - This is a great place to put hooks for your plots, or if your character is looking for any assistance. Most articles submitted here (and some articles in the rest of the Quill) will have a note in the OOC section on who to follow up with if you want people to investigate with the article title and your name. If you do not want follow up with your ad please SPECIFY IN YOUR EMAIL.

OOC (Out-of-Character) - This section is for any news that is related to Kanar but not necessarily relevant to on field activity. This is where names of those who you can contact for follow up for articles go, board meetings, scheduled events like the road cleanup, PM announcements, and other staff news goes.

Part 2 - What to write

It’s pretty normal to not know what to write about at first. Some people like to write about their first hand experience, while some write from a different perspective. This can get tricky either way.

Write for your plot - If you are writing an article for your plot, give just enough information that players need to get interested in the plot and want to seek out more. For example: “A hunting party found a burnt encampment in the woods just south of Crossroads. No weapons were found, but tracks led farther into the forest and bones scattered and broken at the site have Crossroads Town Guards believing it was a band of orcs.” The players can then follow up with Crossroads Town Guard, knowing from the article that they will need tracking for sure, possibly urban lore, and maybe woodland terrain lore.

Write what your character knows - If you are writing for news that your character heard in town, then you can write the article as your character if you believe it should be public knowledge. If it is not something your character would feel safe telling to a confidential source, do not submit it as your character (or do, if you wish to start a little drama) because the GMs use the Quill as much as the players do and they can use this to mess with you a little, which could be fun or frustrating. You can always choose to submit an article anonymously or under a fake name.

Write a poem - Why not?

Submit a drawing or recipe, a short story, a first hand experience, or news of your adventure that was worth sharing.

Submit an ad for your armor or weapon smithing, an invitation to visit your camp, or a notice that you’re always up for an adventure!

DO NOT SUBMIT ARTICLES FOR THINGS HEARD OFF FIELD. If you heard it at a party, don’t write an article for it. If you heard it in the parking lot, don’t write an article for it. This is meta gaming, and though it may have good intentions, it is forbidden in our game. If you believe an article should be written about something you did hear out of game, consult the GM staff or me and we will decide if it is appropriate to submit.

Part 3 - How to write

I’m gonna grammar this up a little just so you can help me out, so deal with me for a minute. The choice of view of the author is very important when writing articles.

First person - This is mostly for articles that belong in the “From our readers” section. First person is written with “I” and “me” pronouns. You don’t read the newspaper in first person, so don’t write news in first person (please).

Second person - Second person should be used very sparingly. It is mostly for articles that are instruction pieces. “You” is the main pronoun used for second person.

Third person - They, them, he, hers pronouns. This is generally what news articles are written in. This is best for doing most things in the Quill that are in the local or world news categories. It sounds the most professional.

Part 4 - Conclusion

What goes into the Quill? Almost anything. If you think your article isn’t good enough, if it has spelling or grammar errors, or if it lacks content, it won't necessarily be excluded. I (Mystic Quill Editor) reserve the right to exclude articles if they aren’t relevant, are meta gaming, or don’t have the space to fit them in that month. But I will work to include the article even if it needs just a little tweeking.

Enjoy writing your article. If it stresses you out (and believe me I KNOW how that can be) then send me a message and ask for help. If you have an idea I’m very good at coming up with content.

The Mystic Quill is printed for the benefit of all our players. Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in helping build and strengthen our game.

IG: Laws of the Land

Laws of the Land

Kingdom Laws

  1. Treason against the Crown of Novashan is outlawed.
  2. No blade may be drawn in the Royal family's presence unless it is for the protection of the Royal family.
  3. No member of the Royal family may swear allegiance with any household other than their own.
  4. All members of the Royal family swear fealty to the Throne.
  5. Only those of Noble blood, title, or rank, Knights, or by writ of the King will be allowed to own and operate a war horse. The definition of a war horse will be as follows: the display of heraldic devices upon the horse’s gear.
  6. Shae D’narr (Dark Elves) are to be considered evil at heart and irredeemable. Any caught dealing with this race are to bepunished. Any Shae D'narr (Dark Elves) that are found within the kingdom shall be immediately seized.
  7. Slavery is abolished within the Kingdom of Novashan. All current slaves are to be set free. The punishment of slavery is also abolished.
  8. Only a Knight of Novashan or a male member of the Royal family of Novashan may Knight an individual withinNovashan. The King of Novashan must first recognize all Knighthoods recognized within the Kingdom of Novashan. 
  9. Mercenary bands or troops are against the King’s law. All guilds must be recognized and sanctioned by the crown of Novashan.
  10. The practice of Necromancy, the raising of the undead, is outlawed.

Baronial Laws

  1. Insurgence or inciting a rebellion is outlawed.
  2. Murder is outlawed.
  3. Thievery is outlawed.
  4. Repeat offenders may be subject to maiming. Anyone caught confiscating goods in the name of justice and not immediately turning said goods over to the proper authorities shall be considered stealing. Anyone taking noble resources and using them for any reason other than one sanctioned by the nobility shall be considered stealing.
  5. Forgery of any official document is outlawed. This includes but is not limited to tax, guild and treasury writs, as well as writs of official status. Impersonating any noble, official or representative of a guild is outlawed.
  6. Any payment to or alliance with Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Giants, Dark Elves, Driders, Etc... without the expressed permission of the Peerage will be considered a treasonous act towards the Kingdom, and is therefore outlawed.
  7. Interfering or obstructing with the Town Guards duties is outlawed. No blade may be drawn in town unless it is for the protection of the town. Unauthorized combat within town gates is outlawed.
  8. Unauthorized gambling is outlawed. Gambling requires a permit.
  9. Failure to pay taxes is outlawed. Inability to provide proof of taxes paid will incur a fine.
  10. Desecration of property is outlawed.
  11. Public drunkenness is outlawed. Strange and mundane items are outlawed.
  12. Unauthorized fire pits are outlawed.
  13. Anyone found breaking the laws of the Barony may have their items confiscated as punishment for their crimes. All confiscated items are to be presented to the Baronial Chamberlain and inventoried. If the Baroness is available, all enforcers of Her Laws shall present any transgressor before her for punishment to be enacted. Casters who use their magics in ways that break these laws may be subject to having their tongues removed.
  14. Anyone who can resurrect must be registered with the Baroness. All resurrections must be accompanied by a noble decree.