Market Day

Hello everyone,

On the first Saturday of the weeklong event June 23rd, 2018, we will be having a market day! That means pull out all the old garb you don’t want to wear anymore, dust off that boffer that isn’t in your style, and generally get that clutter out of your life! 

Remember asking for Dollars is called federals and try to keep the conversations as in-game as possible! Protection will be provided by the town guard. See Jistar (Matt Tatosky) or email at for details!

Matt Tatosky

Additional details to be announced soon! 

Market Day.jpg

IG: Announcement From the Feast 2017

Citizens of this fine land,

Given the unique challenges facing our nation, from common brigandry to magical plagues to wars with beings from other realms of existence, a new path must be forged by the people, their leaders, and Our Crown.

Reports have reached Us that Our royal uncles and cousins in Narrdmyr have been killed in various treacherous ways. Our heart is heavy with sadness that Our once prosperous and well-loved family has been laid low through betrayal on and off the field of battle.

Our own father's death in battle against the vile Shadowed Men pains Us still. But it is for his compassion and bravery in the face of horrid deceit and faithless lords that Our father will be remembered. A new course of compassion and bravery must be wrought for our nation, in the mold of Our father, His father, and all of the Lines of Belthshazarr, Del Ray, and Narrdmyr.

With this in mind, I, Daffyd Alekzander Belthshazarr, the First of My Name, do proclaim myself King of the Kingdom of Novashan, to rule over Our loyal citizens with benevolence, courage, and unwavering vigilance.