2019 Winter Feast

We hope you had a wonderful time at our 2019 Winter Feast. Each year we strive to improve and make it better than the last, if you haven’t already please fill out the event survey and don’t forgot about the membership survey!

Check out some of the beautiful photos taken by Pixie Light Photo at feast! You can view and purchase these and more of the fantastic photos on their website.

These beautiful awards were created and given out during court at feast by Countess Kali.

2019 Annual Registration Form

Hello everyone!

The 2019 Annual Registration Form is now available. This form is required to be filled out by members wishing to participate in the 2019 KANAR season. Please read every section carefully and fill it as completely and accurately as possible. KGE (and KANAR) utilizes this form for insurance and communication purposes, and to ensure a quick and effective response in the event of an emergency.

Thank you,
Jacob Smith
Corporate Secretary

Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash

Photo by Phil Desforges on Unsplash

From the GM & Economics Marshal

Game Master

Please remember to fill out a KGE Inc. Annual Registration Form (ARF) on line for the 2018 season.  It is important that you include your legal First Name, Last Name & Middle Initial as we use this to identify your personal character files. The ARF is also used by KGE Inc. to provide us with the insurance coverage for the group.  To those caught in non-compliance with this rule, you will be asked to leave the field and may suffer disciplinary actions as this violation may hold the club liable.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who submitted a resume to the GM 1st for the position of Econ 1st.  After consideration I have chosen Jeremiah Klabis to be the new Econ 1st.  Jeremiah has been performing the task as part of the previous Econ staff and is well suited to take the position over with the minimal amount of transitional period stoppages.  I would also like to thank Kevin Reading and Joe Brescol for stepping up while we were in transition and assisting the staff to maintain the level of service to our customers. In addition we have added Ferd Blackburn to the Econ staff and are still seeking others to help with the position. If interested, please seek out Jeremiah and talk to him. We on the GM staff and its subordinate staff find that face to face conversations yield the best results as communication is key to the success of Kanar.

Thank you,
Tim Schafer - GM 1st

Economics & GM

Economics Marshal

Reminder that players may make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to their Player Bank every event. Eligible players may also make one withdrawal from, and one deposit to a Group or Unit Fund every event.

A friendly reminder from your economic staff. Please check your tag expiration dates regularly. After a tag is expired please turn it in. Using expired tags on the field is cheating. A note on Legacy tags. A legacy tag is a consumable tag that does not have an expiration date. These tags will be honored until they are used. After used they need to be turned in and they will be taken out of circulation.

May Event - Announcements


Let it be known far and wide that a Conclave of the Knights of Novashan shall be called to order on the evening of the 18th day of the 5th month in the year 1018. Any and all who have business or grievance with any member of the Chivalry are invited to bring forth said matters for council and arbitration. Consideration of Matters Honorbound shall require a member of the Chivalry to act as Champion in Name and Deed.

Sir Morus Silverleaf - Knight of the Thistle
Lord Marshal - Chapter of the Raven Sun



Long time player and member of our community, Toni Huges or Ariana on field, will be getting knighted this event on Saturday. The festivities will begin on Friday with a night of atonement and continue on Saturday with a fighters tournament from 12:00 - 4:00pm and the ceremony itself starting at 4:00 - 6:00pm. 

Chili Cook-Off

Between the tournament and the ceremony, there will be a chili cook-off hosted by house Bein Amar, starting at 6:00 pm. From the organizer "Number one rule is that the majority of the cooking needs to take place in Ilveresh. 5 silver to enter your pot of chili. Various prizes will be awarded for: best tasting, hottest, and most unique. Also, there will be a People’s Choice in which everyone can vote on their favorite dish. In order to sample the chili, a silver per sample is asked. This cook-off will take place between the tournament and knighting ceremony so you may attend all that day! Any questions feel free to talk to Castien! Thanks!"

Due to unique circumstances, the KGE Board of Directors has agreed that: Returning members who wish to attend the May 2018 Kanar event solely to support Squire Ariana Renard D'Castilian, and will only be present on Saturday May 19, 2018 will not have to pay $20 annual KGE dues, will not have to pay the $20 May event fee, however they will need to check in with the GM Staff when they arrive for to receive this and fill out an Annual Registration Form.

Additionally, there may be a photographer present on the field, during Saturday, it is your responsibility to avoid being photographed if desired. However, KGE has a media exclusion list for those who are concerned (this only extends to KGE official media), you can join the list by filling out this form.

Photos courtesy of Calum Lewis on Unsplash and Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

BOD Nominations Open

Open Position.jpg

Hello everyone.

I'm here to announce that nominations for the following Director seats are now open:

  • KGE Corporate President
  • Even Year Representative

Any member wishing to run for election for either of these positions must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Currently hold Veteran Membership status and be a KGE Member in Good Standing (meaning you do not have any outstanding debts or disciplinary actions and have been a member of KGE for at least two full years).
  • Have not been released from any other KGE position due to disciplinary action in the last five years.
  • Have a working telephone number.
  • Have a working e-mail address with access on a daily basis.
  • Have a valid mailing address
  • Have a valid photo identification card recognized by the US Government.

In addition, nominees for the position of KGE President must not hold any other position defined in any SOP approved by KGE.

Nominations for these positions should be sent to either secretary@kanar.org or bod@kanar.org. Nominations will be open from May 1st through May 31st, with polls opening for the week of June 1st through June 8th.

When the polls open, you will receive an email sent to the email address you have on file with KGE, the one you submitted with your most-current Annual Registration Form. This email will contain a link to the ballot, your personalized entry code, and further instructions on filling out the form and the voting method.

  • KGE Corporate President Nominees:
    • Erich Okonowski
    • Matt Tatosky
  • Even Year Representative Nominees:
    • Stephen Whitaker

Thank you and good afternoon,

Jacob Smith
Corporate Secretary

Photo courtesy of Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash.

A note from the new Playmaster

Good afternoon,

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Leigh Weiler, my character is known on field as Lady Arra. I have been playing kanar for over a decade and have recently been elected by the BOD to be your Play Master 1st. I look forward to working more with our community in this capacity. I would like to give a couple friendly reminders prior to the event in my first “Wall of text” post.

First, please remember that every character needs to have weapons checked with a member of the play master staff every event. We have had people forget a few times in the past. Any PM staff member, CBD 1 (Amanda Aquino) or GM 1 (Tim Schafer) is able to approve weapons for use on field. No one should be checking their own weapons regardless of what position they hold. 

Second, I should introduce you to the 2018 Kanar play master field staff Listed in no particular order, they are: Eric Hitt (Otis), Danny Weiler (Squire Adriel), Jen Blair (Countess Kali), Nick Aquino (Elben), and Matt Ash (Durgan). This is a great group of people capable of answering the vast majority of questions related to our rules; if they arent able to come up with an answer individually, we as a staff will come up with something together. 

Third, please be patient with us. We are undertaking a very large project of sprucing up our rulebook while also tweaking our educational tools. This does take time. We are diligently working to complete these projects and are happy to tell you of our progress.

Almost lastly, if you are a caster and plan on casting spells at an event, please fill one out (or make one of your own) for every class of magic you have. A box will be provided for players to submit completed spell lists. A player must either submit the spell sheet to the box or keep one on them at all times for inspection by a marshal if asked. However, it is recommended to do both for ease and swiftness of processing marshals questions if they arise. Having one on your person will decrease time necessary to complete on the spot questions, if they arise, and having one in the box will decrease the amount of time interrupted your game play time. 

Please follow this link to the download section on our webpage. It will provide you with the pre-made cleric, mage, and bardic spell lists. Please feel free to make your own if you so wish.

Lastly, if you have any questions for us please forward them to the PM1@kanar.org email and either myself or a staff member will return your email. If any clarification is needed, we will post clarifications on here and request they are also posted on the website.

I look forward to a great year and hope we can be of help to you. See you all in just over a week.


Module Writing 101

Module Writing 101

By Craig Jarvis

1. Name the module

This is one of the more important steps in the creative process. The name allows you to discuss the project with others, and helps solidify the concept and story behind the module in your mind.

2. Date to run and module length

Can this module run at any day and time? Does it run best during the day, or does it require the gloom of twilight for the full effect. Can you run it in snow, or rain, or temperatures in the low nineties? Will the NPCs need extra time to prep garb and makeup? Will you need time and helpers to dress the module area, and run rope walls, or (my preferred method) black plastic walls? Pick the ideal time, but be ready to run whenever the GMs decide.

3. Synopsis

Jot down the central theme, the key NPCs, what they want, and why. Try to fit it all in one paragraph. We’ll expand on it later. If there is a VITAL player, skill, prop or idea, without which the module falls apart, mention it here. In bold italicized text if necessary.

4. Hook

How will the PCs get involved? Will an NPC run into town asking for help, or will he stroll into town seeking to hire a handful of able adventurers? Will the hook appear in the Quill, or will the module marshal just walk across the field, teleporting PCs into the dungeon? The Hook will help define how many players you want, and should give a hint at the power level of the module. A farmer’s wife begging for aid against the kobold in her barn can be an intro to a newbie module for two to four players. A wealthy landowner trying to hire six warriors to clear orcs and goblins out of his hunting lodge might be a mid level module. The Prince’s Spymaster issuing orders to the nobles to assemble a fast moving party of eight heartless and merciless killers to “handle” a problem with an ogre tribe and its new Ogre Magi chieftain… not a low-level module.

5. Linear vs. non-linear

A linear module moves from one room to the next in sequence. It is usually simple and straight-forward. The module marshal can set up the first one to three encounters in order, depending on the number of NPCs available, and as NPC are defeated or bypassed they report back to the marshal or his assistants, to set up the following encounters.  The main branch can have side rooms and forks, but there is only one “correct” path from beginning to end.

A non-linear module is more free-form, requires more prep, but can be much more fun for the PCs. A one-day in which the PCs start in a “ruined town”, and have to find the rare flowers somewhere within the nearest 40 acres. Scatter roleplaying clues around the land, a hermit in the “abandoned elven village” that knows the flowers grow near a hidden shrine. A band of goblins of the “missing teeth tribe” that avoid a cursed spring to the north. You know the flowers are in Trapper’s Camp, guarded by a chimera, a pit trap, and a Potion of Curse that must be drunk to safely pick the flowers.

6. Number of encounters

How long do you expect to entertain the PCs? Even a short module takes time to set-up, collect NPCs, herd PCs, and run the encounters. Count everything as an encounter. Each set of NPCs, each trap, puzzle, or “skill check”. I recommend against delineating roleplaying/combat encounters. Every encounter is a roleplaying encounter. Even mindless undead and giant slugs should roleplay their hearts out. My wildly inaccurate rule of thumb is that each encounter will take about five minutes. That being said, I’ve planned long combats with multiple waves of NPCs get steamrolled in under a minute, and I’ve had a thirty second conversation before the “boss encounter” last over an hour. Be flexible.

7. NPC Stats and briefing info

Give your NPCs as much information as they can handle. Even the tenth wave of level 1 skeletons should have something special about them. Give one a pronounced limb because his buddy is wielding his foot. Keeping the module fun for the NPCs is just as important as entertaining the PCs. I follow a condensed NPC info format.

NPC name, NPC level, class or type, Body, Armor, Damage
Special Attacks, Defenses or Abilities
Description and Roleplaying Notes

For instance:

Bazagdula, 10th level Orc Warrior, BP: 60, AP: As worn, Damage: 5/5 or weapon +3
Critical Parry Shortsword Rt Hand, Critical Parry Shortsword Left Hand, Resist Charm x2, All Unit Tactics

You wear platemail armor, and bear many scars from early childhood to now. You are a Warlord like few seen in ten generations. You speak with command and authority. You are more concerned with winning the war than with winning individual battles. You are not afraid to sacrifice troop for a victory, but each death hurts the Cause. If overwhelmed, fall back and regroup. Your life is to be protected at all costs. 

8. Props and Rewards

A couple of nice props can make a world of difference. Make or buy your props weeks in advance. If you don’t have time to find the rare magic flowers yourself, delegate to an assistant. Give them a few bucks and tell them to get anything that looks like a flower from the dollar store. (Take your receipt to the TM, GM or the BOD) Spruce up an old boffer with red tape for Bazagdula’s favorite sword. Steal a 4x4 from another house and use it as the balance beam trap. Get NPCs to play non-vital decorations, tables, chairs, desks, a fallen chandelier, stalagmites. Trust your assistants to perform last minute set dressing. 

Figure out what the PCs can gain from this module. Will the monsters have coins in their pouches, or in a small stash at the end of the encounter, or no? Are there cool magic items, or rare and valuable objects d’art? Potions, scrolls, alchemies, toxins, armor, herbs, weird stuff? If your loot needs tags, get your tag list to the Econ Marshal well in advance. If the “loot” is intangible, make sure the PCs know that. If the reward is a boon from the local noble, a rich merchant, or a poor hermit with some obscure knowledge, write a thank you note to the PC from that person.

9. Skills

Grab a rulebook, turn to the skill tables. Look back over your module. List EVERY skill that might be useful in identifying or explaining something in the module. Racial Lore: Kobold for the farmer’s wife module. Orc and Goblin Languages for the Hunting Lodge, plus Terrain Lore: Forest and Wilderness Survival. Heraldry: Human, Forgery, Scribe, and Urban Lore: Yardsmith for the Spymaster, Culture Lore: Orges, Read Magic, Mystic Rune, Symbol Lore and Planar Lore: Negative for the Ogres and Ogre Magi. Flora Lore and Terrain Lore: Swamp for the rare flowers, Alchemy 8 for the Potion of Curse, Terrain Lore: Mountains OR Subterranean for the Chimera, and Locate Trap 3 for the pit. 

Write Most-but-not-All of the Skill Info down on a one page briefing sheet. Give it to the PCs and tell them, “If you have the appropriate Skills, you will know this stuff when you see the <kobold, orcs, goblins, Lodge, Spymaster, ogres, ogre magi being played by Travis, bright purple plastic flower>.” Save one or two pieces of info for explanations on-the-fly. “Also, if you have Mystic Runes you realize that the Ogre Magi’s armor is useless against cold and water spells.” “If you have bardic ability you’ve heard rumor that the Chimera’s lion and goat heads will pause if they hear a lullaby.

10. Follow up encounters and after action report

Your module write-up is not complete until the module has been run, and you’ve written the last section… what happened? Were the PCs successful? Did any of the NPCs escape? Did any of the loot get missed or left behind? Is there a follow up module? Include the names of the PCs that went, what they did, in general, and how well they performed. This will help you and the GMs for future encounters and modules

Kanar On A Budget

Kanar on a Budget by Craig Jarvis

So you would like to play Kanar, but money is tight.

You've got time, but gas is expensive, food is expensive, yearly dues are expensive, and the monthly event fee is expensive.

However, I have some suggestions.

Car Pool. Make friends, talk to people, find out who is coming near your house, and who is going back that way. Ask questions and do the math on gas mileage and your share of the fuel cost. No need to be rude, but be honest and fair with them. If it's 60 miles and they are driving a Sentra that gets 30mpg, they are using 2 gallons of fuel, and you owe them the cost of one.


Pack a lunch. In fact, pack six. Friday night, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. These are meals you would have eaten at home anyway, so the cost is the same whether you eat them in a swamp or in your living room. Fill a milk jug with water or lemonade and use it. If you need some variety, go to the Inn and barter some labor for some food. The Inn always needs labor. If they don't need you right then, ask the townsfolk if they need firewood, raking, cleaning, anything for enough coin to buy a meal.

Yearly dues:

If you can't afford $20 once a year, Kanar might not be right for you.

Monthly Event Fee:

$20 can be easy to come by, or easy for which to barter. Make friends, meet people. Find someone that desperately needs two hours worth of unskilled labor, for which they will pay you ten dollars/hr. Be awesome and entertaining, and the slightly more fortunate will pay just for the joy of your company. Offer to dig a trench, collect firewood before, after or during the event, repair a wall, fix a shirt, transcribe lyrics, dig out a fire pit, haul six inch diameter deadfall to Tim's Fort...

And if all of that fails, volunteer to play an NPC for the entire event. As long as the GM knows before 5pm on Friday, the GM can waive your event fee.

Cost breakdown:

A three-day event lasts 48 hours. Let's assume you are a die-hard Kanerd and can magically sleep for eight hours on Friday and Saturday. The remaining 32 hours of non-stop immersive roleplaying splendor costs you twenty dollars, or roughly $0.62 per hour of entertainment.


Originally posted in the Kanar Facebook Group.


Open GM Staff Position

Karigan GM 2nd is looking for someone to join Game Master Staff as a 3rd. Anyone is welcome to inquire after the position, you need simply send her a message to get the conversation started.

Hello friends!

This is an assistant position primarily to myself, and there are a few qualities I am looking for, in order for you to be considered.

First and foremost, there is a lot of work involved in being on GM staff. Imagine how much work you think it involves and at least double it. Now double it again, because there is work for during events and between events. 

This unfortunately means you also won't be playing your character very often. Personal plots will all have to be set aside (as I won't allow you to participate in a plot you are aware of the specifics to, everyone else's plots takes priority over a GM's, and you should be working ya lazy bum). This position is for someone who wants to personally dedicate a lot of time to help the game flourish and improve.

Secondly, as a result of the amount of work needed, you must attend every event. The simplest statement with heaviest weight. If you cannot commit to attend every event, then you're wasting my time and you're wasting the player's time. I need someone who is dedicated, even if that ends up being for just a year.

A third thing I'd like to mention is the GM Staff has specific goals; things we wish to accomplish OOG to improve the long term playability of Kanar. While I'm not looking for a carbon copy of priorities, there are things that are more important than others - again, for the long term playability of the game. I'll be looking for someone who shares similar priorities so what we're working on now can be completed promptly.

And the last thing, there are some minor perks to being on the GM Staff, but ultimately it doesn't make up for the work load. I won't sugar coat anything to make the position more appealing, and I expect those that consider it to at least have an idea of what they're agreeing to (after we talk one on one).

That being said, the position is rewarding, and there are a lot of great things that will be taking place in the future that you can claim credit for! ;)

Feel free to email me at kanargm@gmail.com (with subject "Karigan"), or FB message me.

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

Announcement from the GM

Hello Players,

The Game Master staff (GMs) would like to put out a few reminders / notices as the new season approaches!

First to be brought up is Meta-Gaming. 

Meta-Gaming is defined as the use of out-of-game (OOG) knowledge to effect in-game (IG) events, the conscious spreading of false information OOG to affect IG events and / or for IG benefit. This includes, but is not limited to, coins, tagged items, the interactions of characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events, and / or the granting of titles or privileges for characters during times other than KGE sanctioned events. This includes OOG areas, during game time.

An example of this would be to ask a NPC the prince’s age after having read a thread on Facebook.

Secondly, Tags!

There is a box for used tags at the check-in shed in the parking lot. When you use a potion, scrolls, a weapon breaks, armor is used up, anything like that at all, the tag needs to be turned in. You can also give used tags to GMs. 

In order for your Character (PC) to use or carry any item requiring a tag, you must have both a physical representation (Phys Rep) and an item tag. If the Phys Rep is lost or taken, and there is no item tag to be found on you, then the item is still considered lost / stolen by a theif.

Read the previous paragraph again. ^ Carry your tags and phys reps.

Items that a PC or Non Player Character (NPC) could not physically carry cannot be stolen, such as a horse, etc. Armor worn by a PC cannot be stolen unless physically removed. Armor tags, excluding the amount currently worn, are considered lost if stolen.

If a tag is lost and there is no phys rep, the item is lost forever. If a PC still has their phys rep, but the tag is lost, they may get the tag back, depending on the circumstances. 

Next Up, playing your character and NPCing…

You may not play more than one character per event. Exceptions to this rule shall be put in writing and shall be approved by 2/3 of the KGSOM (GM1, PM1, or CBD1) before 5pm of the first day of an event.

If a player is issued a NPC tag, item, coin, garb, weapons, etc, it must be returned to the staff at the completion of the encounter. XP is not earned for NPCing / NPCs that are not approved by the GMs.

A Dedicated NPC (DNPC) must sign up at least one day before an event is scheduled to begin. You can email the applicable staff at the following: GM: kanargm@gmail.com, PM: pm@kanar.org, or CBD: cbd@kanar.org. Applicable staff must then grant their approval, and it is first come first serve / by need basis. Players must be available for no less than 20 hours (100 for weeklong) of the event they sign up for, to qualify. Players assigned as DNPC may only play their PC with applicable staff approval. 

NPC Troop is separate from DNPC. Troop allows a player to only NPC in exchange for the event fee being waived. There is no minimum time requirement, but a player cannot play their PC. Normal daily XP is not gained, but XP is still earned as normal (up to 10 XP per day for each day of the event). 

Questions may be posted and clarification will be provided by GSOM. Other replies will be deleted to avoid misinformation.

Mystic Quill Advice

So you want to write a Mystic Quill Article

By Kaitlin Bereczky (Mystic Quill Editor)

Part 1 - What goes in the Mystic Quill

So you’ve seen me posting about needing Mystic Quill articles and you’d like to submit something to help. Great! “But Kaitlin, I don’t know what to write for an article, what do I do?” Don’t worry Billy, I’ll help you figure out what to write, then you’ll be submitting articles like a fiend!

There are 5 sections to the Mystic Quill:

Local News - This depicts news from Ilveresh and surrounding towns. Crossroads, Brenn, and even Hallot are local news. I would go as far to say as the barrony, but that might not necessarily be the case depending on how far away the town is. News from South Bay, though fairly close, might be considered Novashan news

Novashan and World News - This is news from outside walking distance of Ilveresh. Parts of the barrony would be considered Novashan news. Things well outside the barrony, like in other kingdoms or far to the other sides of the peninsula. Barron Bear’s barrony would fall into this category.

From Our Readers - Everyone likes a little bit of gossip, and this is where it goes. Opinion pieces, periodicals, short stories, poems, works of art, and even our tarot card readings go in this section. It can be very broad and is usually the easiest to write for.

Help Wanted - This is a great place to put hooks for your plots, or if your character is looking for any assistance. Most articles submitted here (and some articles in the rest of the Quill) will have a note in the OOC section on who to follow up with if you want people to investigate with the article title and your name. If you do not want follow up with your ad please SPECIFY IN YOUR EMAIL.

OOC (Out-of-Character) - This section is for any news that is related to Kanar but not necessarily relevant to on field activity. This is where names of those who you can contact for follow up for articles go, board meetings, scheduled events like the road cleanup, PM announcements, and other staff news goes.

Part 2 - What to write

It’s pretty normal to not know what to write about at first. Some people like to write about their first hand experience, while some write from a different perspective. This can get tricky either way.

Write for your plot - If you are writing an article for your plot, give just enough information that players need to get interested in the plot and want to seek out more. For example: “A hunting party found a burnt encampment in the woods just south of Crossroads. No weapons were found, but tracks led farther into the forest and bones scattered and broken at the site have Crossroads Town Guards believing it was a band of orcs.” The players can then follow up with Crossroads Town Guard, knowing from the article that they will need tracking for sure, possibly urban lore, and maybe woodland terrain lore.

Write what your character knows - If you are writing for news that your character heard in town, then you can write the article as your character if you believe it should be public knowledge. If it is not something your character would feel safe telling to a confidential source, do not submit it as your character (or do, if you wish to start a little drama) because the GMs use the Quill as much as the players do and they can use this to mess with you a little, which could be fun or frustrating. You can always choose to submit an article anonymously or under a fake name.

Write a poem - Why not?

Submit a drawing or recipe, a short story, a first hand experience, or news of your adventure that was worth sharing.

Submit an ad for your armor or weapon smithing, an invitation to visit your camp, or a notice that you’re always up for an adventure!

DO NOT SUBMIT ARTICLES FOR THINGS HEARD OFF FIELD. If you heard it at a party, don’t write an article for it. If you heard it in the parking lot, don’t write an article for it. This is meta gaming, and though it may have good intentions, it is forbidden in our game. If you believe an article should be written about something you did hear out of game, consult the GM staff or me and we will decide if it is appropriate to submit.

Part 3 - How to write

I’m gonna grammar this up a little just so you can help me out, so deal with me for a minute. The choice of view of the author is very important when writing articles.

First person - This is mostly for articles that belong in the “From our readers” section. First person is written with “I” and “me” pronouns. You don’t read the newspaper in first person, so don’t write news in first person (please).

Second person - Second person should be used very sparingly. It is mostly for articles that are instruction pieces. “You” is the main pronoun used for second person.

Third person - They, them, he, hers pronouns. This is generally what news articles are written in. This is best for doing most things in the Quill that are in the local or world news categories. It sounds the most professional.

Part 4 - Conclusion

What goes into the Quill? Almost anything. If you think your article isn’t good enough, if it has spelling or grammar errors, or if it lacks content, it won't necessarily be excluded. I (Mystic Quill Editor) reserve the right to exclude articles if they aren’t relevant, are meta gaming, or don’t have the space to fit them in that month. But I will work to include the article even if it needs just a little tweeking.

Enjoy writing your article. If it stresses you out (and believe me I KNOW how that can be) then send me a message and ask for help. If you have an idea I’m very good at coming up with content.

The Mystic Quill is printed for the benefit of all our players. Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in helping build and strengthen our game.