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I am under 18, can I play?

No. Kanar is an 18 and up game only.

Is my first event free?

Yes! Your first event ever attending our game is free. You don't have to worry about paying for the yearly membership or the event fee. Specifics on how event fee's work are posted in each even description.

I have questions about the rule book.

Does something not make sense to you? Or did you notice something that you think may be a typo? Send an email to the PM staff at

What do I do for food?

Kanar does not provide food or water. We recommend bringing enough food and water. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

What do I do for sleeping?

There is a place to set up tents on the field of play that is OOG (out-of-game). Other than that, a more detailed explanation of options can be found here.

What do I do once I get on field?

  • The fun answer is:
    • Ask a friendly-looking character to give you a tour of the lands.
    • Get a drink/meal in town and eavesdrop.
    • Find out if there's been any goblin caves discovered lately.
    • Check the town billboard for notices from the Adventurer's Guild.
    • Ask for temp work minding a shop or acting as a Page for the Mayor or Baroness.
    • Find out when Gypsy Breakfast is.
    • Make a duck joke and see what happens.
    • Find someone with a weapon and ask to train with them.

Can I bring my, dog/cat/other animal or pet, on to the field of play?

We do not allow pets of any type on the field during events. If your question pertains to a service animal please email the Board of Directors at, this does not extend to emotional support animals.

Can I take photos on field?

Yes, please read the Photogrpahy & Videography Policy for futher information.

Also add info about DNPCing and make a page about it.

Ask other players about themselves when you run out of things to talk about. Ask them where they're from, if they have family, why they came to Ilveresh,  and what's they're favorite thing to do or favorite "toy." Ask them about their culture or something interesting about another house (that maybe that house wouldn't tell you themselves), ask what the laws of the lands are, who are prominent people, etc. 
Talk about the weather!

Jennifer Blair newb advice. ((IDK find some way to incorporate this somewhere))
if you find yourself feeling odd, displaced the noob in a strange land syndrome - take a breath and try asking basic questions to those around you, get to know them as people in our world. Or ask questions about our world , it will help you find some footing and break the ice.

-dont assume anyone but you is responsible for feeding you or cleaning up after you. Just like going to a persons home for a first time, you are a guest in these camps. pack it in, pack it out.

put a roll of toilet paper in your car in case the porta john has none. 
-carrying candy to bribe threats on the field is not frowned upon. also doesnt mean you get to live.

spirit and intent- everyone has to play with the honor system. be the member/player youd want to look up to.sometimes rolling with it is tough, but you can talk through it later rather than disrupt immersion.

ask before you touch people. 
get a marshal before you steal
respect others property



Where is the best place to look for garb/appropriate clothing?