Discover The World of Ilveresh

Kanar is based around the village of Ilveresh, set in the former Duchy of Anadar, now called Bellanmo. Bellanmo itself is bordered by the lands of Charbourg, Morinar, Brisbane and Tarridear.  When the lands were still young, a band of humans and elves faced a powerful evil in the lands of Wildantor and Pelanor, something known simply as "The Dark." Forced to flee for their lives, they came to the outpost their people call home today, where daily life is conducted with a gold crown or arbitrament of cold steel.

Ilveresh, a humble, back-country village on the edge of the moor, is the self-proclaimed home of adventurers.  This "little outpost of civilization in the heart of the swamp" controls trade and commerce through the southeastern corner of the Principality of Novashon in the Kingdom of Narrdmyr, serving as a boundary between the Duchies of Peth and Dynsforth to the south and the Kingdom of Ashan to the north.


The town, whose name means "Unity" in the elven language, was created as a home for warriors, elves and all walks of life against orcs and dark magic defending them in medieval combat.  Whether you're looking to test your mettle in melee, weave the mystic powers of magic, or just live a mundane life in an exciting frontier town, Ilveresh is the beginning for your experience.

Ilveresh sits just an hour outside the major trade post of Crossroads, and just four hours from the village of Sorvin, from which most of its farming produce arrives monthly.  There stand some several noble houses, orders of Peerage, a mercenary guild and two templar orders.  There are also the Purveyors, guilds which organize and ply common craft in trade. Each welcomes newcomers in their own way.

Ilveresh, though, lies at the center of a magical fixture called the Points of Light and Darkness, a runic circle of power at the center of which lies an ancient gateway, Myrshala's Gate.  Under the influence of the Points, all things that happen leave an impression on the surrounding area – the more important the deed, the stronger the emotions and the greater the impression.

The most momentous triumphs and ignominious defeats leave behind such a great impression that it can be felt by all.  This is why some inns and hearths feel warm and inviting, some dark forests belie ominous foreboding and some dungeons simply exude evil. Not only do actions leave behind certain feelings, but it becomes easier to commit acts that would intensify them.  Throughout history, certain places in the forest are known to heal the sick, bring victory to the righteous, or corrupt the pure.

Some powerful beings seek out these places of power to augment their powers or complete their research, and the places where the great battles of the age have been won and lost summon those who would call down the new age to test their mettle in combat or weave the powers of magic in their favor.  It has been said that ultimate suffering and incredible joy have left the fate of loved ones, kings, countries, even whole races, to rest in a balance driven by the populace of Ilveresh.  No one knows why, but cruel fate or powerful beings with a sense of humor or irony have been blamed interchangeably.