Kanar has been around for a long time and with that time it has developed words, phrases and actions that have specific meaning when applied to the in-game world. We have attempted to collect them all here for easy reference.

Sash Color Meaning

  • Green – Player character race (such as Human, Elf, Halfling, etc.)
  • Orange – Non-Player character race (such as Goblin, Deer, etc.)
  • Pink – The person wearing this color does not exist in game. Often it is a theme marshal overseeing a theme or something similar. 
  • Red and White – Non Combatant, do not engage in combat. You can read additional information about them in the rule book.

References to Out-of-Game

Below is a list of words and terms which you may encounter in your travels through Ilveresh. "Field terms" are terms you can use to refer to something necessarily out-of-character without breaking immersion. Please use these sparingly.

  • Caravansary – Field term for the Staff Tent
  • Federals – Field term for real money (not in-game coin)
  • Festival – Field term for a regular KANAR event
  • Hand Over Head – If someone is walking around with their hand over their head, it represents that they are physically not there. They could be invisible, flying, teleporting, something else or simply do not exist in-game.
  • In Sooth – Field term preceding an out-of-character statement, e.g. "In sooth, I can't be here that weekend because I have the kids" or "In sooth, I am fine" (then proceeds to enact realistic death by poison). USE SPARINGLY.
  • King's Taxes – Field term for event fees or membership dues
  • Mundane – Field term for anything that is out-of-character or not in-game
  • Powers that be – Field term for the Game Masters (GM's)
  • Privy/Privies – Field term for the portable toilets in the parking lot
  • Stables – Field term for the parking lot
  • Star/Tier – Field term for "level" or "rank" (regarding spells or skills)
  • Wagon – Field term for automobile. "Carriage" is also often used, but staff would like to move away from this term.