Board Of Directors

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Erich O. – President,

Matt Ash – Treasurer,

Jake Smith – Secretary,

Christiana Ringbloom – Odd Year Player Representative,

Russ Fox – Even Year Player Representative,

KGE Support Staff


Eric Forge – Safety Director,

Kiri Brasseur – Safety

Dan Weiler – Safety

Building & Land Department (BLD)

Rob Hubbard – BLD 1st,

Marcus Schwimmer – BLD 2nd

Craig Jarvis – BLD 3rd

Zach Zeis – BLD 4th


Tashina O. – Media Director,

Alan J. – Media 2nd

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Game Operations Staff

Play Masters (PM)

Leigh W. – PM 1st, Rules Question Clarification Form & View previous clarifications

Eric Hitt – PM 2nd

Matt Ash – PM 3rd

Dan Weiler – PM Staff

Joe Brescol – PM Staff

Dan Walker – PM Staff

Game Masters (GM)

Tim Schafer – GM 1st, &

Eric Thornburgh – GM 2nd, &

Donnie Kershaw – GM 3rd


Character Book Masters (CBM)

Kylie Joki – CBM 1st,,

Dan Walker – CBM 2nd

Dan Weiler – CBM Staff

Economics Marshals (Econ)

Alyssa Short– Econ Marshal 1st,

Charles Asbury – Econ Marshal 2nd

Open – Econ Marshal 3rd

Mystic Quill

Darcey Schafer – Mystic Quill Editor,

Quarter Masters (QM)

Kaitlin Bereczky – Quarter Master 1st,

Kreig Short – Quarter Master 2nd