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Kanar Feast 2018

2018 Winter Feast Survey

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Please rate the following aspects of the event:
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Long Live the King!

NEW PLAYERS WELCOME! You don't have to of been to any other event to come and join fellow members in a celebration and feast!  

Ticket Information:

  • Tickets are $25.00 a person available for purchase now. Members who have paid for the full year of event dues ticket will be gratis for the 2018 Feast. 
  • Tickets are available online and at the door, it is requested you purchase tickets in advance so we may have a more accurate head count for catering. 
  • It is not required to pay the $20 yearly membership fee for the 2017 Year to attend the 2018 Winter Feast.
  • Children who are 13 years old or younger will not be required to purchase a ticket to attend.
  • You can pay for ($25) tickets online with the below PayPal button or you can send directly to PayPal at
Winter Feast - Member Name


  • No hard liquor allowed on premises
  • Bring your own feast Gear (BOWLS for stew, plates, silverware, cups, etc)
  • If possible wear your 'courtly' garb

Musical Entertainment:


  • Chicken Dumplings
  • Hearty Beef Stew (Beef & Venison)
  • Penne Pasta with Spinach (with an Alfredo sauce on the side)
  • Asparagus
  • Rice
  • Additional a "Finger Food" table which will also include salad.

Competitions / Tourney's

  • Long Live the King (details below)
  • Bardic Competition
  • Fighters Tournament (details here)
  • Knowledge Competition (details to come)
  • Table Decoration Competition

Venders: ( Interested in Vending? Let us know!)

  • - Diamondwood Leather & Costumes
  • Lynn Horvat’s Pottery
  • Navarr’s Adventurer’s Emporium
  • Brian Fitzgerald’s Table of Mysterious Goods
  • Rath’s table of Leather Works
  • Durgan’s portable tray of random wonders

Table information:

  • Large Round 72" Table
  • Seats 10 people
  • Linens to the floor: 132"
  • Midway: 108"
  • Rectangle 30"x 6' Table
  • Seats 8-10
  • Linens to the floor: 90" x90"

Long Live the King Competition 

Her Excellency, Countess Kali, is holding a competition in honor of our new sovereign. This contest is for any medium one may have the skill to craft to show respect and celebration for King Belshazzarr, it is due no later than 5:00 on the day of Feast. 

King Belshazzarr Heraldry.png

Contestants may give their entry to the Countess's contest assistant (TBD), who will provide them a number. This will allow the Countess to judge the entries by nothing but the skill of their creation and the passion and effort that its creator has instilled into it. The winner shall be announced around 9:00 and shall receive a reward. 

If you are inclined the Kings Heraldry is posted for use and inspiration.

Announcements from the Countess

The Countess Kali is in search of citizens who deserve to be recognized. If there is someone (IG) who should be praised for their work and efforts please contact Jennifer so they may be applauded. It can be for anything from being the best newb wrangler, recognition for exemplary service in community moral, the one who always cleaned up after everyone, or more!

Announcements from Rav'n

This years Bardic Tournament will be managed by Rav'n of The Minstrel and the Mayhem. Each entry is allowed a maximum of five minutes for their performance. Contestants may be solo, duets, groups, poems, instruments, singing, etc.


Heya Nerd Friendz!! (and I mean that in the most bestest way!) 

Saturday is Feast!! (Can I get a 'woot'??) 

I have ONE job this year (well two.. but looking fabulous in purple isn't really a job... it's a lifestyle..) ...errr... *ahem*... as I was saying... this year I have ONE Job.... and that's to entertain the heck out of all of you!!! (Can I get a second 'woot'??) 

I'm not sure the schedule yet, but I think we start around 8 or 9. And will play for about an hour... So why the memo?? I'm glad you asked... 

This year as a Thank you and a Tribute to all of you who have made this possible... we are going to attempt to record the audio LIVE! That's right.. all of YOU could possibly be on a CD!! (Can I get yet another 'woot'??) Live bands tend to tell you you're being recorded Live to get you to react... do to the fact the Feast is mostly In character RP.. I don't want to do that... so... I'm telling you now (I may remind you before Feast starts...) 

We are going to record our Kanar Feast performance for a LIVE CD!! 

The set is almost all original LARP based songs from 3 different LARPs. I will tell you that I have 3-4 favorites ready to go if the crowd wants more. What are they?? I guess you'll have to really want them to hear them. BAHAHAHAHAH!! 

So put on your finest, eat, drink, be merry and get ready to rock! ...and... see you Saturday! 

Thanks to Wyroq for making this photo available freely on Unsplash.

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